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Oh Shut Up, Mr. Extreme!


LOL! So true!


not as boring as your written word!


Looks like Christmas came early for you. We just need health, and a receiver.
Gary Barnidge is going to be amazing if he gets more opportunities, I can feel it. I remember Mel Kiper saying he could be our new Wesley Walls.

Good Ole Saint Nick

The whole game was clearly a rig from the gitgo from the NFL front office who ordered the Viks to give a lttle hope and cheer to one of the worst teams in the league.

Take it and be happy in the Universalist spirit of giving at Christ Mass.


Hey Santa, if that game was rigged for anyone is was rigged for the Vikes to win. Did you see the pitiful job by the Refs all night?? I mean they were calling tick tack penalties left and right. This game an aberration? I think not. Just shows that if were focused we can take any team out. We've been close most of the season.

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