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Agreed BofA is WAAAYY too big, but if we think 10K might show, Providence leaves about 4K out in the cold.

That should never happen in a HS football game. Meck Park & Rec shoulda never allowed Memorial to fall apart. I'm starting to think it'll never be put together the same.


Sorry Tom, you got it all wrong. NO one will care how many seats are empty when all they care about is seeing the game. The whole point of BoA stadium being used was so that there could be enough seats for those that want to see it. So if you do have 20k people show up, then thats 20k happy people who actually were able to watch the game, instead of 20k people fighting for 6k tickets and 14k going home pissed bc they did not get the chance.

Yada Yada Yada


Tell us something we dont know ...

They do need to hold the NC and SC high school state championship games there though.

You know like Florida Texas California and all other states who have NFL teams have for yrs.


It is a privately owned stadium (thank goodness) and it costs money to turn on the lights, do field prep, etc. It would be a nice gesture by Big Jer but it just doesn't make $ense. Especially not with the Cats at home.


The high school state championships are held in college stadiums. Plenty of seats, and, there's no rent for the state owned stadiums. Why rent a private stadium for that size crowd? Stooooopid.


The US Army HS All American Game has been played at the Alamo dome in San Antonio for years. The place is huge, all they do is block off seats. People are there to watch the kids play, not worry about the size of crowd


A replacement of Memorial stadium should have been thought about years ago. I graduated HS in the late '60's and it was old then. It is hard to keep repairing something that gets old. lol, Im old I know

dummies only

Most NCHSAA state finals are played in the daytime and dont need lights. BOA lights cost 500 bucks per game. Big deal.

Check out Georgias 4 division finals in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Florida holds their 8 division finals in Miami. Texas holds their 5 division finals in Dallas. The list goes on.

Screw the college stadiums. Go to the top. Use the only NFL stadium with a 75k seat bigtime feel better than watching the Panthers. Televise.

ps dummies who still cant fig it out the idea is also too steal a lil thunder from tobacco road but keep it a secret.

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