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If you are going to make fun of someone, at least make it funny. What a lame attempt. I'm sure the NCS/Duke/UNC blogs has better material.

Tom Selick

Wow what a small minded blog entry. I am amazed at how not funny this post is given the event you are referring to is hilarious. You have a special skill of taking something hilarious and turning it into something dull and boring. Way to go!


an how would you feel if you were the President of a corporation an someone kept making rude foul comments about one of your best employees? Its no joke, he is just looking out for his players like a good friend should be.

Go Hose!

I was at the game....I am a PC grad...and the guy needed to go...Roy did the right thing.


Go Hose! is full of it. Silly Tarhole pretending to be a PC fan. Sad really.

Roy is classless

Who made rude foul comments to a TarHole player.

JAY - If you feel "Don't miss it, Deon" is a rude foul comment, then you my friend are thin skinned just as your hero Roy is.

You should go to Wal-Mart with the rest of your TarHole fans, and see about getting a life.

Ron Hollifield

Your entry gives the appearance of a man in a hurry, Agent Starling. Isn't the real truth the fact that you were about to foul your best trousers, the only ones your dog hadn't slept on, and then you wished you had listened to your mother's advice about never leaving home without visiting the toilet?


What a crappy article, and worse responses. I would have done the same thing if I were Roy. The PC guy was in on comp tickets from UNC. I'd expect them to behave themselves if I gave them tickets too.


Wow you people are downers. I am a UNC grad and I commend Roy for throwing the guy out if he felt the comments were inappropriate. But come on! I was laughing out loud when I read this and sent it to a bunch of my old classmates! I hope Santa brings you all senses of humor!

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