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rumor is second place went to my plumber


What a great honor for Jimmie and for NASCAR. Congratulations to Jimmie and the 48 Team! Couldn't have happened to a more deserving ATHLETE!

Chuck Presser

What a wast of awards and time. He is the reason that people are leaving NASCAR. I just wish that nascar would get their heads out of their a** and find out how they are cheating and stop the bleeding of fans leaving.


We understand sports writers and skeet shooters are next in line for athlete of the year and/or decade.

We would like to nominate our mailman for athlete of the milinium. He drives a mean mail truck. Also we know a few badass bad mitton and croquet players too.


Except for the fact that he drives a f****** car!


Race car driver of the year is Jimmy Johnson. Golfer of the decade is Tiger Woods who als picked up Playboys Male Whore Award of the Decade.

Athletes (real) of the decade are Peyton Manning (most dominant NFL), Kobe Bryant & LeBron James (NBA dual most dominant), Barry Bonds ( MLB in spite of roids)
Michael Phelps (Olympics)

In addition Jimmy Johnson is the Race Car Driver of the Decade.


Athlete of the Decade: Wrestler at 197lb wt class Cael Sanderson - Iowa St - who went undefeated at 159-0 and won 4 straight NCAA National Titles in 99,00,01,02 and won 1994 Olympics in Athens. This feat has never been accomplished in sports history.

This even excluding the 99 title in the previous decade, due to the extreme physical nature of D1 and Olympic wrestling that involves incredible upper and lower body strength endurance skill and technique with rigorous training 7 days a week for years.

Sanderson is currently head coach at Penn St U.


OH BOY! ! White sheet cake and vanilla ice cream for everybody!


got that right baby !!

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