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I'm fine with this as long as Moore stays the starter, although there SHOULD be one change, and that's the special teams coach needed to be fired a long time ago, as he's had no excuse for being as horrible as he's been all year.

Homie da clown

i have been critical of Fox and hurney during the year, but this is probably the right move. give matt moore a chance to be the starter next year and sign peppers to a long term deal and all will be forgiven

Big Will

NO!!!!! I knew that this would happen..


Its not wise to make a coaching change now because of the concern of a lost 2011 season, no one wants to pay a big name coach for a year that doesn't see a team on the field. And particularly not if that team is one year into adapting to that coach's system.

That said, the last month showed that even though they made the adjustments late, this staff and team is very close to being very good and based on the past they have earned more time.


I will never pull for the Panthers again...as long as Fox and Hurney are there...in fact that's what I did this year.


i am a big fan of cowher, but i think fox deserves another shot. his players love him and he's done an ok job despite several costly injuries.


If Fox was not so hard-headed he would have benched Jake after the third game. The only reason Moore is starting now is because of an injury to Delhome. Maybe if Moore would have started more games we would now be in the playoffs instead of trying to play the role of a spoiler. It is obvious that the team has more confidence in Moore than Delhome. Fox is too rigid and if he does not learn to adjust, the Panthers will always be a mediocre team.


Well, my happy holiday doesn't seem so happy anymore. I understand that John is a decent coach....but he should feel the heat from keeping Jake in for so long......I understand that some believe that Fox is better than your avg. coach....BUT it's only a once in a lifetime to get a coach like Cowher. If Cowher wasn't there for grabs, then I would make this move.


We go through this BS every other season. Next year is Foxs last year and he'll go 12-4, get an extension, trade Deangelo Williams for a 1st rounder to make up for his other shitty draft decisions, have a shitty 7-9 year the next year, Cowher goes to Tampa Bay, and we get f*cked every year within the division by 3 teams with less talent but better coaches. The only way this team is even watchable next year is if Moore is the starting QB and not Jake Delhomme, if Jake is the starter next year I will not go to another game.


Im actually Ok with that. I do have my reservations however. I think Fox weak points is tha the is a bad in game adjuster and he is too loyal to Shaky Jake.

Jeff P.

If you keep Fox and Hurney, with the money they would be owed, I can somewhat see it. If you hold onto the Special Teams coach, when that is an area that has not improved at all during the season, then there is some insanity in doing that. Also, they need someone to help Jeff Davidson with being creative with the passing game. You need someone who can come up with more creative route combinations that will create mismatches.


I knew Moore's success would shine favorably on Fox who Does Not deserve the credit for our recent wins. In fact, he should be fired for ruining our playoff hopes this year by not making this QB change much earlier. All of us knew a QB change would be better than continuing with Jake. Fox sided with his friend Jake rather than do what was obviously best for the TEAM. Unless Mr. Richardson steps in, there will be a much higher chance Jake will start next year with Fox as the coach.


This is disgusting.

This WHOLE YEAR is John Fox's fault. It was his INABILITY TO REMOVE DELHOMME that cost us a playoff run, or was it? John Fox knows football. The ONLY PROBLEM with John Fox is that he will sit on a 14 point lead and not pass and try to score more points. Which leads me to this.....

John Fox will not make a fart sound WITHOUT JERRY RICHARDSON'S APPROVAL. Was it RICHARDSON who forced John Fox to keep Delhomme in? Fox, like his team, will always take the blame for everything, and he likes to keeps the fans and media in the DARK ABOUT ISSUES concerning the team.

But ultimately in the end it comes down to John Fox because he has been the head dog and, at least in front of closed doors, has been making the decisions.

So. HE, apparently, chose to keep Jake Delhomme in all these games we lost, even when he was throwing interception after interception. He stood behind him when Delhomme fumbled over and over. He stood behind Delhomme when Jake was bringing NOT ONLY his teammates morals down with his turnovers, but the whole city down as well.

Some people like GANTT from The Herald in South Carolina will show stats on how good Delhomme was. But for every stat he shows in good standing for Delhomme, for every great play Delhomme had, I can show you 5 bad plays that he did and a ton of bad stats Delhomme is known for.

We might have won some games with Delhomme, but we won alot of games INSPITE OF JAKE DELHOMME and lost TONS OF GAMES BECAUSE of Delhomme.

How many times has the defense fought the good fight and Delhomme tear the souls up with a turnover? FAR TO MANY TO COUNT.

Someone must pay for this attrocity of a year. It MUST be the head coach.

BTW. Why wouldnt Fox want to coach next year anyways? It is a VERY SOFT SCHEDULE and that means the Panthers will have a good record! Easy mode for John Fox, well it would be until the playoffs until they have to play someone good and they lose,

End of Line.


We are SCRE*ed ,J.R. needs to sell he has DEMENTIA.


This barg agreement sucks. Greedy agents have helped ruin the luster of baseball in the past will this non barg agreement cause something similar in the other American sport football? Will teams like Dallas stock up on talent as there will be no cap. Will stubborn owners not sign lucrative contracts loosing and sitting talent as a result. What will become of the other american sport? We the readers need to understand more of this so could a writer please explain? What players will be free agents at 2010 for the Panthers who could we potentially loose? 1 game left Panthers are a shoe in for the couch so whats the story for 2010 Panthers/NFL?


I can almost understand keeping Fox one more year to a)avoid buyout, and b)evaluate lockout scenario. But keeping Hurney? As they say on ESPN C'mon Man!!!


Fox is a great coach. We are so fortunate to have him here. This has been a rough year
with all the injuries right from the start.
He is the best option for the Panthers. The
team is willing to stand by him, J.R. is willing to stand by him, and I feel the fans
will be glad to have him, especially when he helps win us that superbowl we've all been waiting for. That dont come cheep. Fox, and this team have paid their dues...
The pieces are almost all in place......
It will not be much longer...........
has paid his dues

Superman Wears 89

1) Fox is great Monday through Saturday, but he fails us every year when in-game adjustments are needed.
2) Jake was a top 10 QB until the injury. Bottom 5 since. I love you Jake, but please retire.
3) Our GM has been outstanding. Look at our depth. If we had not stuck with a player that will not recover from an injury, we would be considered a powerhouse for a long time to come.
4) We have the best running game in the NFL, and a very solid (top 5) defense. That is due to talent.

Mark Respass

I'm okay keeping Fox and Hurney one more year...but ONLY if Delhomme is not, under any circumstances, the starting quarterback. Make Moore the starter…and then have a contingency plan if he gets hurt…that does not include Jake Delhomme. It’s a shame that we just resigned him to such a lucrative contract. Can’t we still pawn him off on another team?


Jake has been bad for a while, I wonder how long his finger was broken.. he probably played with it and as a result made those bad passes. He should have taken himself out for the good of the team.


Im not going to another game!! Im not going to root for them!! LMAO!!! So what?? Do you think any of them care??




Delhomme's BIG contract was pay for past seasons, I believe. He deserved some money for helping us to the Super Bowl, etc. but he is now a detriment on the field.

Moore is now permanent starter, IMO. The defense is coming together under the new DC and looks good going into next season. Try to dump Peppers and re-load our d-line and we should be stout.

I can live with Fox/ Hurney for one more season if we do these things.


Richardson has lost his mind. This is the reason taht his kids were fired. They stood up and said no way, this team is going in WAY the wrong direction, and pop thought he knew better. It is hard to imagine Bob Johnson being the better of the two owners around ehre, but it may well be true. JAKE, HURNEY, FAUX, and the Big Cat must go! Sell this team to someone who cares!!


All of you imitation fans should just leave town and quit posting all of this dribble on these boards. When you actually own the team then you can start making decisions on coaches, players, GMs, etc.

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