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Yesterday's resounding victory should have been enough evidence to send Fox on his merry way. Had he had the foresight to make the personnel changes that injuries forced him to make, this team would be preparing for the playoffs instead of the offseason. Jake Delhomme was a backup when Carolina signed him. He has wilted every time the team needed him to make a play in "big" games, but Fox stuck with him. Time and time again, this overrated, overpaid,limited QB who no longer has the arm strength to involve arguably the most dynamic WR in the league, left a stellar D out to dry; but Fox stuck with him. Next year will be the same if Fox has his way.


Has anyone heard from Mark or Jon Richardson?


Drithe, with all your blathering, I might point out that a player may be capable of bringing down the MORALE of a team, but I doubt any player can bring down the MORALS! As to the stats, people glean from them what they want to.


Would you bunch of Fox Haters please find another team before the owner actually listens to you and gets rid of a good coach.


No surprise here (after the past few games), and I have no issues except for Danny Crossman. Our special team's best days are when they don't cough up possession.

Now that Jake is out of the picture, special teams is our biggest issue. Yes, I'm including the so-called "lack of a #2 receiver" issue, because I don't think anyone can accurately gauge Jarret's or K. Moore's ability to be that guy until they get more reps with Matt. Muhammad didn't have a touchdown pass ALL YEAR until Moore floated a beauty to him yesterday against the Giants. Moore nearly has half as many yards (891) as Jake does (2015) while throwing a third as many passes. If Smith was barely getting his, how does a 2nd or 3rd slot receiver stand a chance?


Cowher versus Fox (and I thought FOX should have been canned up till last two weeks, especially for stubborness on Delhomme, but hey, tell our GM and owner to wake up, it took owners intervention on Young in Tenn. so why can't ours have a say on his own team?)

Overall OFF points rank Cowher (career/8 years) /// FOX = 15 (14th)/18th.

Def points 7.3 (6.8)/ 10.25th

Win Pct .623 (60%) / .551%

Div/Conference/Super 5div +1AFC +1wildcard (no super win) // 3 Div + 1 NFC

Playoff Win Pct .571% // .625%

Not a huge difference, Cowher replaced Chuck Noll's 9-7 and 7-9 teams and went 11-5 his first year then 9-7 with 2 playoff losses.
Fox replaced George Seifert who ran Panthers into the ground and followed 7-9 and 1-15 with 7-9 and 11-5 with 3-1 playoff record.

So maybe we should give Fox another year, the most stable franchise long term are with coaching longevity, i think Fox is stubborn, lacks creativity on offense that would not be hard to get (hire Charlie Weis, hate him to but, as Off Consultant) FIRE special teams coach, make Matt Moore starter and ask Jake to be second team or retire on his own (offer injury settlement)


John fox is a top ten coach in the NFL. We could do a lot worse. Now let's get another receiving threat opposite Smitty and if Moore continues to improve, we are in great shape. I think Hurney has done a good job also. Beason, Williams, Stewart have all been great picks. Marty knows what he is doing. We are lucky to have Foxy and Hurney.


I've begged for complete change, including Fox and Hurney, in order to get rid of Jake, Peppers, and the two coordinators. I think Fox is a good coach, but he's so hardheaded and committed to Jake the Joke that nothing good will come of it unless Jerry says Jake has to sit. I wish someone else would take Jake and Peppers, but nothing is likely to change either place. Hurney is so Pepper-blind that he'll probably franchise him again to steal 6-8 games of good play at $20M for a year. God help us. We need some sense running this team. And we need 2-3 good wideouts to complement Steve Smith.


lol, love the cry babies that say they will not root for the Panthers next year. lol, do you really think anyone cares who you root for

Ed Tracy

I have had a PSL since 2000. For those of you who want a new coach maybe we should bring back Seifert. Maybe we should hire Cowher after 15 years coaching and inheriting a great team he won a Super Bowl with a running attack. Name me one throwing QB he had. John Fox has taken a 1 & 15 team to a Super Bowl, NFC Championship, and playoffs. Get rid of him? Are You out of your mind.


Someone should give Ron Meeks credit for changing the number of points allowed. Without defense like that, there would be no wins. The misfortune of Jake Delhomme's finger is masking the problem of John Fox's indecision to change when the QB is throwing 3 interceptions or more per game. This makes no sense to pay someone 6 million dollars per year for coaching worse than all of us. What sense does this make. The only real change we see in this coaching staff this year is the Defense. Remember last year, they were giving up 30 points per game. What changed? Defense. Now look at the Offense, by mistake, Delhomme broke his finger and immediately Matt Moore shows where the problem was. This was not because the coach realized it, but a blessing in disguise for Panther Fans. Thank God for the morale and the tight defense. Give nothing, take everything, go "D". Apparently the offense's efforts were being thrown away by Delhomme. Special teams, come on. Panthers, lets do it again, 1 mo time!!!

Posted by: atigerinthewoods


All of a sudden Fox is a great coach but just a couple weeks ago was a louse with Jake as his QB and both needed to be canned?

Gee whiz what if Jake had won those last 2 games and played instead of pretending to have a broken finger to cater to the whiny fans? Would he be a hero too like Fox?

Nobody is saying Fox is not worthy of returning but Jake is the heart and soul of the Panthers since Fox benched Weinke in 2002 who would have already won the team a couple Super Bowls by now. Fox ruined him because of the same whiny schizoid fans just like they ruined Kerry Collins and ran off Shinn way back.

The inmates are running the asylum as usual...


Well.... I guess we picked a bad day to have a bad day...

Richard Saunders

This is a big mistake. They are winning now DESPITE Fox & Hurney. ANY OTHER COACH in the NFL or college ranks would have pulled Jake early in the season and given Matt Moore a chance. Fox was FORCED into it with Jake's alleged injury.

And any Pop Warner defensive coach could beat our offense and its one page playbook.


This was well produced and fun to watch. That fenileg of already knowing someone you meet for the first time based on back-and-forth 140-character blurbs is truly the magic of Twitter. Hopefully this report will encourage some people who have resisted it to sign up and give is a shot.Ari- your comment is spot-on. I'll take real relationships over huge follower counts any day of the week.


Brian, Jaimie, and Fox,Please know that Fox is in our hearts and prreyas. If either of you need anything, please let us know. Be certain that as much positive healing energy we can muster will be sent your way.Rick & Janet Haas


Whoo hoo! How exciting. The Question how far would you go for a Million Dollars?Me? Pretty damn far. Smiling. That's a whole lotta money and yup, I could do some daamge. LOL. You know I keep it real!Congrats Ms. Goss. Continue to do the damn thang. Sizzle, sizzle, hot, hot you're on FI-YAH


Hello Kate and Vanessa and Jake~~The photos are worednful and certainly capture the moments beautifully. Congratulations on your big day. It's been 17 years since we had our wedding photos taken, and I would've loved to have a blog like this to share!! Great job. Warmly, Gail


Wow! Kate, you did an amazing job of citaurpng the spirit of the day! It was such a gorgeous wedding and Vanessa & Jake, you were just adorable. I have to say, Thank you for including me in your special day.


Gorgeous pictures! Absolutely loved loonikg at them and it was such a perfect day for you guys! Congrats again and I hope you're loving married life! Have a blast on your upcoming honeymoon!


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