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Sean May

dude, you're hanging with some real has been losers.

Always a Panthers fan

This post is titled 'The True Meaning of Christmas', yet there's nothing about Jesus Christ anywhere in this article.

Ole Roy W

That sounds like the recipe for a two-day bout with explosive diarrhea. No tickets for you.


You want to be in the Christmas spirit Tom, here, play this music a couple of times and this will get you in the mood.


Peter McLean

In your article "Panthers Exit with Questions......" in this mornings paper, you mention that you were on vacation a couple of weeks ago and were unable to talk to the players at a crucial time in the season, so you "suspected" this and that, like, that was reporting?

There is no more important sporting news than the Panthers. For you to take your vacation during the NFL season is unbelievable. But, to then make up a story about what happened while you were gone is even worse.

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