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Sean May

So did Tiger really offer Elin 80 million to stay for six more years????

I agree, we need a playoff system. Texas got so lucky....if not won unfairly.


Can't blame Texas or say it got there unfairly - they did everything they were asked to, just as Alabama did. But so did Cincy and TCU and even Boise - so ultimately, I agree that we need a playoff system. If not a playoff game, at least give us a +1 system... Have 1 play 4 and 2 play 3 and let the winners play the next week.

I'd MUCH rather have a playoff system, but maybe that's a step towards it the people (read: big universities making tons of money and the BCS) who don't want playoffs can agree to?

Here's hoping to a TCU, Cincy, and Texas win in their Bowl games. If that happens... you tell me... who is the consensus national champion?

Charly 49ers rule

On a side note using this logic of the UOC or University of Ohio at Cincinatti aka Cincy Bearcats shouldnt the University of North Carolina at Charlotte AD who came up with this call UNCC the Charly 49ers?

If Cincy can be a nickname for Cincinatti then why not Charly for Charlotte since this example was used for the sports name change by the AD?

The Charly nickname like Cincy is catchy and could be an abbreviation for the city itself.

Maybe the UNCC or Charly 49ers will be playing in the Meinke Bowl one day too since its lowly NIT status.


I've given up on hoping for the playoffs for the college level. If they did I would be able to get into football more, but it's hard to get invested knowing your team could go undefeated and still not have a chance to play for the national title. But I always root for the SEC, so go Alabama!

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