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Fire A Coach

Manning and Colt fans are still pizzed as hell about the throwaway game to NY that ruined their perfect season hopes and who doubts that would not have happened.

The rookie idiot Caldwell coach who was unqualifed but the token replacement for Dungey took over a team PeeWee Herman could have coached. Pulling the starters to intentionally lose that game and intentionally wreck the perfect season was sinister as best and no logic other than a sicko power play by a guy who Wake Forest fired in 2000 for incompetent losing and had a 27-63 college coaching record yet got one of the top jobs in the league. Go fig.

Shulas record 17-0 1972 Dolphin season from 38 yrs ago winning Super Bowl VII with Griese at the helm and Warfield WR while Morris and tree stump Czonka RBs with remain.

It is still incredible that some unqualifed idiot like rookie like Caldwell would ruin it all and not allow ironically Shulas old Colt team (Baltimore) to break his own record.

Manning and hothead Colt fans would love to get the Caldwell idiot fired at the end of the season. Polian had nothing to do with it.

smother that fire

Ask Wes Welker about playing in meaningless games


Hey John Fox,
Are we now fighting between the best running backs? The best run defenses?
Oh, wow, I guess not. The best teams all have a great (or upcoming) QB and an outstanding passing game. Is there any chance that the Panthers could see the light and realize this obvious truth and work to catch up to the rest of the legue? Man, I wish it would happen.


the jets are really proving that point huh? Matt Moore is a developing Qb combined with an awesome run game and good defense is what we need.

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