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As an ECU grad, i'm sad to see him go but i think for the most part, pirate nation understands and wishes the Skipper nothing but the best. When he came to Greenville, we were one of the worst teams in the nation, and he has undoubtedly left us in a much better position to continue our recent success. There's no doubt in my mind that he will succeed at S. Florida, and their fans should be real excited about the future of their program. Thanks for the memories Skipper, we wish you well!


This is a fact of life at ECU from Sonny Randle to Pat Dye to Bill Lewis to Skip Holtz. Success invariably leads to offers from higher profile programs, but the Pirates will be OK. Two straight Conference USA championships should help with recruiting and the fan base is awesome.

Good luck, Skip.


Skip is such a class guy that you have to say "Thank you for the wonderful work and love you've given to our program" and "Best of luck everywhere you go." But Skip doesn't rely on luck; he's a real team-first coach who loves his student athletes. I wish I would have had sons who could have played for him. They would be better men for the experience.


Ok ok Skip is nice, quality, a solid coach, was great for pirate nation... but our BEST wins and highest national rankings (along with conference championships) came with LOGAN... now I wasn't sorry to see Logan go but lets get our stories straight... Skip was better than the 2 nobodies hired after Logan and previous to his own hiring. Now let's get one thing straight. SOUTH FLORIDA, big east or little *&^*& conference, IS NOT A BIGGER SCHOOL OR PROGRAM THAN ECU. PERIOD. This is a school that has NO academics, no standards for recruitment under Levitt and has ONLY EXISTED FOR ABOUT 15 YEARS. GIVE ME A BREAK. Skip lost my respect when he left the pirates to go to the next EQUAL level position because....


.... he knew his coaching success would be coming to an abrupt end. He has a majority senior team, more than 95% of the div. 1 schools and without them he would be gaining a LOT more losses the next years... almost like pressing the reset button on the pirates roster and success... NOW (as in EACH move in his PREVIOUS career.. DO SOME RESEARCH "WRITERS") he is cutting ties with some good wins and success intact to run to a school where he can be a good "moral" presence AND he easier recruitment of all floridas athletes AND easier recruiting standards than at ECU. It's not at ALL about rewarding or being loyal to a school that allowed him a chance to shine as a div. 1 head coach... his dad NEVER pulled crap like leaving one school for the next after a handful of years (unless forced out). Why don't any "WRITERS" ever report facts or truths like these on here!?!


Just like his dad> A couple years at Richmond, 5 at NC State, 1 with the Jets, a few at Arkansas, then Minnesota, then finally stayed more than 5 years at one place at Notre Dame, then retired early by most standards. But, vagabonds have their place in college football. Skip was definitely an asset at ECU. Terry Holland is a good headhunter. ECU will be just fine without him.


I'm a die-hard ECU fan, and the past 72 hours have been a little bitter. In all honesty, however, I can't blame Coach Holtz for the move that he made. Not only from a professional standpoint, but also family, I would have probably done the same thing. I think Skip will do well there, but USF fans watch out. His ultimate goal is Notre Dame.
In addition, I'm very appreciative for all that he has done to elevate the program.


Holtz is an idiot.
Who is South Florida but some upstart in north Tampa with no tradition anyway? Even the name South Florida is wrong. Tampa is NOT in south Florida. That would be Miami or Ft Lauderdale.
Tampa is west central mid Gulf coast. Why is this school not called Western Coast Florida?

ECU is rich with history and tradition and was the last team Marshall University played on Nov 14th 1970 before the terrible crash that killed all coming into Morgantown WV that then WV coach Bobby Bowden graciously helped with finances scheduling and coaching equipment etc.

Bad move.


It's a good move for Holtz and I'm surprised we kept him as long as we did. CUSA is a weak conference and winning the CUSA title is the most a coach at ECU can aspire for. He did it twice in a row, with 28 seniors leaving a 3rd title seems unlikely.

If it wasn't for the consistently lame basketball program we would have been in the Big East years ago and have the important BCS tie-in. Logan had a much harder time recruiting against the ACC teams after the BCS came into play.

To suggest USF is a step back for Holtz is ignorant of the ease of recruiting talent in Florida and the lure of BCS bowl games. He could blindly throw scholarships backwards over his shoulder and hit better players then the Carolinas has to offer.

As for having a longer tradition in football, that's like saying Temple is a better football school then ECU because of their former glory years. USF's sudden rise is a testament to how much better the program is. Holtz will take them even higher.

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