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Jeff E

Or perhaps, its because the quarterback is better.

George Buck

The quarterback is no doubt better. Enough has been said about how Jarrett has failed in three seasons to even surface as a formidable receiver. Now that he has someone that can throw him the ball, things are a little different. Maybe the Panthers will realize this and decide to hang on to him next season.
George B


Kid's got talent, but he still doesn't know where to line up on plays. I noticed Moose yelling at him several times to get lined up properly.

To me, that's coaching.


Jeff & George: my thoughts exactly. Jake's inability to consistently find receivers not named Steve Smith is the pink elephant in the room. I'm sure I'm not the only one that noticed that Muhammad's first touchdown all season was NOT thrown by Delhomme last week, and Jarret's first touchdown of his *career* was NOT thrown by Delhomme.

I bet Jarrett believes...that he has a much better chance to succeed in the league with a good quarterback. I'm a believer, too.


Michael Procton

Umm...Muhsin Muhammad had one of the best receiving seasons in NFL history with Steve Smith down and Keary Colbert looked like a capable wideout that year, too. Delhomme is fully capable of "finding other receivers."


Wait a sec. Werent you in love with Smith alone since thats who this column whined about and salivating and heaping praises on the Mugsey Bogues WR of the NFL?

Deaf and dumb? Jarretts name has come up time and time again but obv some status quo one track closed mind sportswriters see hear and talk only what they want to.

6ft 4 inch Jake needed a 6ft inch 4inch WR like Jarrett but everybody whined for 5ft 4 inch Smith like idiots. What a joke.

Jakes downfall in 2009 was Smith. He needed Jarrett who was a 2 time All American at USC top reciever alltime there but never got a shot cuz of Mugsey Smith.


The reason Moose had such a big season was because Steve Smith was down. Honestly Delhomme was a better QB without Steve Smith playing because then he actually spread the ball around. Remember last season when we started 2-0 with Smith suspended? Delhomme would throw to guys not named Steve Smith, but only when Steve Smith wasn't on the field.

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