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Im just mad that I cant smoke when I watch MY beloved J-E-T-S at the club!


Thats why i bought a new couch and tv to watch my Jets super bowl run from my house!!! J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!!!!!


Great win for my beloved JETS!!


Big Brett Rulez

Screw the Jets.

What about them Viks and Brett baby? Goddam, what a hellava show that was in that tin can stadium that has seen its last days and next yr will have a brand spankin new one WITHOUT a retractable roof up in the frozen tundra landolakes.

Four freakin homeruns baby. Whew. The ole man Favre (pronounced Farve) is kicking some major azz in the clutch showing the young punks who is still the #1 BOZZ and starting on his 2nd NFL all pro Hall of Fame career at 40. The Mick Jagger of the NFL may play another 20 yrs.

Lets dont forget about his local SC WR Sidney Rice from right down the road in Gaffney home of peaches and rugs who won the state football and basketball titles and do well as a Gamecock under Spurrier.

Could Brettboy finally win the Big One for the Viks?
Obviously a highly pizzed off Manning at having his perfect season hopes dashed by an idiot coach will have a say in that If they get past the Aints.

Viks and Colts in the Bowl coming. Manning vs Favre will be a once in a lifetime classic !!!

Hit Me Yo Best Cheap Shot

Hit me with your best late cheap shot.

Toss of a coin. Pure Luck. Xmas came late for The Big Nasty.

Vikings 475 yrds of offense dominated possession 2-1.

Favre unquestionably the BEST and took 10 lousy cheap shots. Brees nowhere near the talent of the master regardless of Traitor Talk.

What was up with all late hit cheap shot lucky dirty playing Aints bunch who paid off the sorry refs and acted like they were better in a clearly rigged game?

Aints SUCK AZZ !!!!!!! No compliments for trying to break a 40 yr old QB who was still tougher than these punkz put together.

Toss of a 2 sided coin? What a joke.

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