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Scott Fitz

John Fox is a perfect 8-0 when his teams have been eliminated from playoff contention. That's something to be proud of...I guess.


I am surprised at how hard the team played for Fox in the end. Maybe something can be read into that as far as a message from the players. Maybe they thought they were auditioning for the next new coach, who knows. Clearly, Meeks has our D playing like it did in past. Yay Meeks! Maybe he should be our next head coach...


I dont get it, a perfect 8-0 when his team has been eliminated from the playoffs? Did you go back for 8 years & figure out the exact games they were eliminated, & they won every game after that each season for 8 years? I would bet that took a while to determine the point they were eliminated each year considering that sometimes it depends on if another team won or lost a game that week. Anyway..... I am glad he decided to finish his contract but i dont think it will be to Mr Richardsons benefit. The schedule really doesnt look tough next year so Fox should have a great season if most of our starters return & then its going to be negotiation time again for his contract. I dont see what Richardson expects to gain from not extending it now while theyre coming off an average season. But then again, you really cant judge a tough schedule until youre half way through a season & see how teams are playing that year. We'll have to wait & see. I am looking forward to next season, why does it have to take so long between seasons :(

Scott Fitz

Some guy on the Carolina Huddle figured it out. So I can't take the credit.

Crazy T

I am totally looking forward to next year. Bringing back Fox is a good move (despite of my comments last week), what the HECK, there is no one better out there anyway right now. We got a great running game, good wide outs, our offense line is only going to get better. And if John Fox will not be stuck only on Jake, we will be great. I am also looking forward to see another year of Meeks defense because the first half of the year I was not impressed.


I dont know why Fox thinks he should get an extension - if he had pulled Delhomme earlier in the year and we made the playoffs, which we likely would have the way we played after he finally did that, then he might have an argument. Every other year being good is not good enough in this league, Mr. Richardson is doing the right thing.
Besides all of that we dont know if there will be a 2011 season so there isnt any point in putting him under contract anyway.


Hey Elrod, "in this league" having a winning record every other year is darn good. Look at tlal the teams that hardly ever have a winning record. & you say no point in signing him since there may be no football in 2011, how about signing him so he will still be here working with the players, signing new players, firing old players, doing all the stuff all the other coaches are going to be doing. Are you suggesting that since theyre not playing for a year that they shouldnt have practices every week? The team should just sit dormant all year? Plus, what do you think is going to happen if Fox does really well next season, is he going to want to sign with a team that had him on hold, or go to a team that really wants him?


Another year of Fox ball. Can you feel the excitement in the air as the owner of the team plays it safe and calls for the draw play on third down and brings in his punt unit.


Fox comes back... Moore starts... and a healthy Smitty, D-Will, Stew, and offensive line... If they bring Peppers back the Panthers are playoff bound, period...


I know what you mean Sportsdon, I am excited about it too. I like the close games, it makes them all exciting. The occasional blowout is good too though. Richardson really effed the dog on this not signing him longer deal. After they win the nfc title next year Fox may test the waters & see who wants him most, but at least we got him for 1 more season at worst so cheer up he may stay longer.

Ted Striker

Someone here is obviously not a TRUE fan. You like when the Panthers have close games? I'm sorry but NO. The Panthers blowing a team out is the definition of a good game.

If I want to watch a close game I'll check out the pats against the colts or something, they can be close as they can get. I'd much rather be up by 30 at halftime rather than down by 3.

dee gray

Better recievers and more Moore ,and we'er set .


Vanilla coach for a vanilla town....


If we let Pep go which will free up $20 mil, we can sign a top quality D lineman and O lineman plus a top notch receiver. Add in the best FA Special teamer on the market and maybe a better Special Teams coach and I think we will have a very good team (assuming Fox can sign and start Matt Moore). If I am another team with a bad QB (ala Chicago, Tampa, etc) I would offer Moore a big big contract that the Panthers cant match (especially if they keep Pep again).

Without Moore we stink! SIGN MOORE TO AN EXTENSION NOW! His stats are great and he is just beginning his career. The teams he beat this year were the some of the best teams in the NFL, not Buffalo, lol. This was his learning year. Think of how great he will be when he gets real comfortable with his players which comes with experience. Sign him or loose him.


If Fox stays Crossman & Williamson need to go now and Fox needs to stay out of the offense.


Ted Striker you dont know what youre talking about, i said in the post a blow out now & then is good, but you want to see some close good games too. I'm not a fan? Are you serious? Just because i dont want to see a run away game every week? You my friend can go watch the "Pats & Colts" i watch the Panthers games. Youre probably 1 of the people that has been saying its time to rebuild the team because they didnt have a winning season......

Bill Graban

It is logical at this point to bring back Fox for one year because a transition year before a possible lockout in 2011 is a bad idea. But Fox shouldn't get too much credit for the Panther's great finish. Did the team rally around John Fox? Or did the team rally around Matt Moore? To me, Julius Pepper's smiling face reveals the answer. Pep was excited to be playing for and with Matt. And he played that way, along with the rest of the team. It seems to me that is the obvious answer to Pep's change in attitude.

With Moore in the whole team had a completely different attitude. They played hard (and well). These guys are smart and they knew that Jake was making their (our) team a one-dimensional (running) team. With such a great running game, a good QB can stretch the field and win - like Matt did.

I fear that hardheaded Fox will be conservative next year and after a "fair" QB competition in the summer he will start Jake again. Because Jake is more "experienced" and give's the team "the best chance to win". Really! What good is experience when your experienced QB (Jake) has the worst QB rating in the NFL?(including rookies!) It is obvious to me how well the Panther's can play with Matt Moore in the game. By the way, sign Matt to an extention NOW.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were another QB to compete (real competition) such as Colt McCoy. Will he still be on the draft board in the second round? That would be exciting, long term. But I better keep my mouth shut until I see how he plays tonight.

I am excited about the 2010 Panthers but nervous too. I have cold sweats with the thought that hard-headed Fox will start Jake. Do we want 2010 to be a winning team like with Matt the end of this season, or be like the team that started the season with Jake at the helm?

If Fox starts Jake next year, all my hopes and dreams for 2010 will vaporize, evaporate, poof..... and so will Fox.


to mrbernz:
Ummm - if there is a lockout or strike and no 2011 season, the players will not be around to "practice" and work with the coaches. That's why it is called a lockout or a strike. If they were there to practice and work with coaches there would be games. What an idiot.


Bring back the South Beach T-shirt lady. Give her an accordion and piatslc cup and send her to the Quarter. Then take a 50% cut to help with, you know, things that help you get through the whole thing. Read you everyday! I'm with all New Orleanians all the way.

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