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Sean May

fox and delhomme should be history

the only thing worse than the delhomme extension last yr, would be to allow him back again.

moore is all we need with our rb's.

Rodney Tucker

Anyone that thinks Matt Moore is the quarterback to lead this team to a Championship deserves another season like the one we just had.I'm not saying that Jack should be the Qb either. What i am saying is they have to look other place's for a championship Qb.


Rodney, I agree to an extent. I don't think they can win a championship (would love to be wrong) next year with Moore, but I can see potential in him to be the guy that can get it done. I like him to start and I think he can get us to the playoffs, albeit a wildcard.


Canned Fox anyone! ,served on a slice stubborness with a side of Clue-less-ness and wash it down with glass of mediocrity! and for dessert a slice of humble "pink slip" pie!


The arrogant Steve Smith....he loves the attention otherwise he would have cleaned out his locker earlier. What a fraud.


Fox will be back next season (no coach has done more for this team, look at the record)
Start Moore at QB, rework Jakes contract and keep him as a back up.
As for Peppers, I would rather have him with us than play against him. Besides it's not my money.

Crazy T

Everything you all are saying about Moore was also said about Tom Brady before he took the Pats to their first superbowl. Something to ponder on. I agree with Steve on his post. They owe Jake too much money to dump him. Cantwell has alot of raw talent that needs to be develope. Those are your three QB's for next year and a very DARN good three to have.


These Jake hater nerds are nauseating. Who was the sorry worthless punk who badgered Fox in the post game interview with the first Jake hater question and didnt stop running his idiot trap? Too bad Fox or Jake couldnt punch a punk like that in the mouth and bust a couple teeth out to teach him a life lesson.
Never allow little skinny pukey nerd punks to take over. This is why school or neighborhood bullies always served a beneficial purpose to society and that was to teach these mouthy punks a lesson.
Maybe Jake can confront the punk gayboy questioner reporter outside and help him out one day. These anti-bullying laws are no good. Wussies need to know their place in society.


yes keep peppers, start matt moore, we have the team, just got to use them the right way and if fox cant do that get rid of him, to much talent to be sitting at home.


Wus, you are an idiot.


More like a moron if you ask me...hey WusTrainer, stop being a punk yourself and gabbing like a school girl! Fox needs to be badgered as to why he kept Delhomme in the lineup for so long when he's been on the decline for the last few years (outside of the 2 games he played before blowing out his elbow). Slow down on the roids and you'll be able to formulate better thoughts and hopefully convey them. A half decent or better QB leading this team from the beginning of the season and we're still playing ball this weekend...so Fox has to answer for that unless you accept mediocrity.


Its easy to scapegoat pile on a player who while others get a free pass.
Some schmucks refuse to understand football is a team sport with 11 on the field on off and def and each has a unique spec job on every play and if they fail can destroy the entire play.
There are tons of things that can go wrong and then theres the opposing team who will smoke you.
A missed block tackle or wrong move can destroy everything in a flash. Everything must be clicking on all 8 cylinders in perfect syncronization and calibration as def and off change in a split sec forcing adjustments.

Too blame a proven highly exper talented single player is laughable ignorance to the max. Sure the QB is the main playmaker but there are many other factors to consider such as a short WR for starters. Hindsight is 20/20 but narrowminded ignorance is 100/100.

If you gonna play the blame game then spread the manure around as it should be.

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