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Picking the Jets to win paid 11:10. I think you reversed the record of your locks and your upsets, but at least you didn't fudge the numbers, like some columnists you and I know.


I pick the Cowboys, Patriots and Cardinals (I'm posting this after the Jets won).


You are off to a better start than I am at 1-1.Cincy and Philly both looked like deer caught in headlights Sat. Need Baltimore and Arizona to make it 2-2 weekend.


A side note to my Arizona pick, one the vegas guys probably didn't catch although it sounds like a pitch out of there. My research shows no team hosting a 1st round game has finished with a losing record at home dating back to when the AFL and NFL merged. Take that Vegas. Arizona is my lock. Hopefully they won't fall by the wayside like your home team Bengal lock.

Vic The Appraiser

one outta four? terrible. Sorenson, you're a clownish boob. Leave town


Steeeerike 3, youuurr OUT!

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