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Keep rolling Niners, don't let up on Fordham!!!!


Tom, you are the man! Go Niners!

Big Apple

Just curious when they started calling Fordham as "New York"?


Uh, the subhead under the Fordham name on their website is "The Jesuit University of New York". The slogan for the residence program is "New York is my Campus, Fordham is my School".

The campus is located is the Bronx (one of the five boroughs, remember) with a satellite campus at Lincol Center. So I'm pretty sure Fordham has ALWAYS been a New York school.

New York Rams

So Fordham uses the city name of New York where it is located as its sports nickname too?
The Fordham Rams are the New York Rams?

That one must have slipped thru the crack. Maybe UNCC sports are not so stupid afterall.

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