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David R

heard a report this AM saying that Atlantia was two or three defensive players away from being a SB team. Wouldn't that be funny?


very well said, Tom.
Adios, Julius. Good luck getting out of a community and region what you got out of Carolina (money, adulation, etc.).
This place has done far more for you than you for it.


Nostratomas makes it a lock! Peps staying a Panther!!


Gosh I can't wait to see him in a Raiders jersey!!!!


Network? What fricking network? They cannot sell that show in other markets. It is LOCAL ONLY! Have some more Chicken Blood dumbass.


I would love to see Peppers end up in some sh*th#le place like Oakland, Cleveland, Buffalo, Kansas City, St Louis or Detroit. These are teams that need the help, can afford Peppers and are not blocked by the Final 8 rule. Given the money he has earned in the past eight years, is it worth playing your career out in some god forsaken place like Cleveland or Detroit for an extra 2 million a year? HAH!


Hey Denver we got a probowl DE wanting out of town and you got a probowl WR wanting out lets talk trade!


How sweet would it be for us to cut Peppers loose and win the Superbowl next year without his ungrateful azz????


If he doen't want to be here so be it. life goes on and the Panthers wil too. I wish him luck, and I wish the Panthers a Super Bowl next year.......how about 3 in a row!!!


The whole idea that Peppers is turned off by the Panther's silence strikes me as totally hypocritical. Peppers and his agent have played the silence game with the Panthers twice. It seems to me they are giving him a taste of his own medicine. I think Tom is right. Peppers was planning on leaving during the 07 season. The idea that he turned down a lucrative contract because he had a bad season is ludicrous.

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