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In my opinion, the only name we should switch to would be the Hornets if New Orleans was willing to give that up. Other than that long shot, I'd agree that it isn't worth the trouble of a name change.


Make you mind up. You wrote an article not long ago suggesting that Jordan needs to buy a house and live here. Now you are saying that he does not have to live here full-time. Which is it? If he is only here part-time, what difference will he make? Come on Tom!

Panther fan

Tom, agree with you most of the time, love your view all the time. In this instance, we differ. Bobcats is a name synonymous with self indulgence and mediocrity. A new name can be done quickly and will be the impetus for generating fan excitement in the team as the other goals you cite are achieved. Get er done Mike!


Bingo! Finally at least one writer in this dang newspaper understands! I agree with Tom wholeheartedly. What everyone needs to understand is that the Bobcats' success is what brings in fans and fan support. If people don't like the name, then they're just looking for a reason to not like the Bobcats. Grow up, people! and support the team that's representing your city!


leave the name as it is. Nothing would be more confusing than changing it.


look into jordans comments and you find the answer. he mentions he would be open to change, but the cost would be an issue. 3-10 mill would be the cost, if he can offset this with an already possesed michael jordan brand name then you have far exceded the cost by already generated revenue, plus the transition becomes greater with an alreay existing DMV logo on every car in the state of NC.....first in flight, jordans merchandising brand is called flight, leave the colors with orange going back to the primary color and you have it....
charlotte flight 2012-13 season....coming soon
(personally I would love the name charlotte cougars but thats just me)

James Reed

The name is fine. Just win and all will be right with the world.




Bobcats is a broken brand. People hate the name. It was shoved down our throats. Any other marketing experts out there wish to chime in on this.


When I think of the "bobcats" I immediately think of Bob Johnson and the bilking of the Charlotte taxpayer to build his cathedral for millionaires athletes. A new name won't change the past, but at least it won't be such a strong reminder either. Besides, bobcats sounds like a middle-school mascot.


I absolutely hate the name "Flight". To me, teams should have a plural name. you know who has non-plural names? The WNBA.


Who cares about the name. Are people really not going to support a team if the team can win 50 games a year and make annual trips deep into the playoffs? Focus on the important things


What? I can't believe you said all that! Make sure Scott read your column because he can't seem to get past the name.


Marc, unless you live in a local hotel and drive a rental car you are not paying one penny for the Arena, even though you are dumb enough to believe you are. If you are going to the games or events at the arena, it costs you nothing, so quit showing how ignorant you are of the facts. If the team was named after you they would call it the "MISINFORMED MARCS"! Bring your A game, not the right-wing purposefully misleading mantra....how's that teabagger party thingy working for ya. COME ON MAN...


I meant to say not going to the Arena....



Thanks for listening to the entire story and getting it correct this time. A few weeks ago you were not up to speed on the Bobcats, it seems you've seen the light and appreciate that Jordan appreciate's Charlotte's fans. Now, if you could please take the club out of Scott's hand as he is beating on an issue that is already dead.


This is what I've been saying. You wouldn't rename your six year old unless you were in witness protection or something.

Andrew V.

Thanks Tom for your comments, because I totally agree. If most of the people in Charlotte who want the name change were honest, they haven't supported the current team that we have. I don't think fair weather fans are the people Jordan should cater to. The real fans, the ones spending money, the ones at the games, the ones wearing the gear: they should be the deciding factor.

DON'T CHANGE THE NAME! We need history, not a THIRD name for an NBA team in Charlotte in ONE DECADE!!!


Seriously, check your spelling! I read several on-line news columns from many media outlets and writers around the world and I have noticed a increased number of mispellings. Don't put the Observer out there like that!


The name is fine. Let's move on and build a winner.


Forget the Hornets already!!!!! Done, over with, gone til no Nevember. Either come up with a new one or leave it be.


How about the Charlotte Gamblers?

Funny how nothing has been said or forgotten about Jordan getting in big trouble on the golf course gambling a decade or more ago for allegedly millions.

Lets hope he wont try to bet on basketball.

Obv he was never investigated like Pete Rose was in baseball and blackballed for life.


Leave the Bobcats name alone..!! If you are a Fan of Basketball & Charlotte, then the name is irrelvant, period..

How about Support your team, even when it looses a few games. Not just when the Bobcats are winning like now. Three(3) months ago, most of the comments in the Observer were negative about the Bobcats. Now pfft, everyone is a fan..


On another note did anyone see the porn stars release of TWs filthy texts? Get a whiff of this piece of trash. Yikes.



I also agree that it's a good thing that the Gaza freedom march is reiviecng press. This is typical of Egypt to pull a stunt like this, where as the time approached to the march, to claim that it is illegal and prohibited. They did this with the previous two Viva Palestina aid convoys. I dont think its that Egypt doesnt care about its image, but rather that it cares MORE to appease Israel and US to show that it is doing all it possibly can to prevent this from happening by constructing a wall (which we have learned from history that its a false sense of security and ALL walls will eventually fall), and that is it condemning the march. The last thing Egypt wants is to in any way demonstrate that it is supporting this intiative. While the Egyptian people are supporting Gazans and demanding that their government stop supporting Israel/US, their cries are ignored by Mubarak's bribes. InshaAllah you all get through and back safely and that the siege on Gaza is broken once and for all. The international community must know and be informed about what is going on in Gaza, and YOU are raising their consciousness and doing just that.

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