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Paralegal:I am halfway with you. However, law, even miltraiy law, is to some degree based on philosophy. Events in Iraq have sensitized more Americans to the way miltraiy justice works. Recall, for example, that the commanding general of the Abu Ghraib prison was reassigned and demoted (I believe) as a result of the actions of enlisted personnel several grades below her, but under her command. I have not studied the details of the case, and would welcome enlightenment, but I have no doubt that all intervening grades in the chain of command also paid some penalty, either in pay, career advancement, or otherwise. I do not recall any officer being sentenced to brig time, but on person involved in the case was helped by the connection. Here is the point: despite the fact that the commanding general had, to my knowledge, no awareness of the actions of her personnel, she was nonetheless responsible. Indeed, the then-POTUS, George W. Bush, was roundly condemned in the press for his responsibility for those actions, citing the selfsame chain of command that is a miltraiy institution. Even today we still read articles about Abu Ghraib and the recklessness of an administration that would allow such a thing to happen.I am certain there are other similar events that occur daily in the miltraiy. However, the chain of command works with equal application in both directions and, therefore, here is the question in point: where does a miltraiy court logically draw the line between an officer who is responsible for acts of underlings and the next officer up the line who is not responsible? My assertion is that in a case of this gravity and potential long-term implications there is no line to be drawn, particularly given the facts of the case. LTC Lakin questions the legitimacy of his orders that originated at the office of the claimant to the position of C in C. If indicted, he and the prosecution are both entitled by law to know the answer to whether such orders are legitimate. Ultimately, a miltraiy order, particularly an order to go into harm's way, comes from the C in C. Is O the C in C? I think the answer will confirm he is not. But all of us, and particularly LTC Lakin, are entitled to know the truth. LTC Lakin has opened the door to the ultimate adjudication of this question.


The snare lying in wait for O is the potential court mtiraal of LTC Lakin, the army surgeon who has respectfully refused his deployment orders due to uncertainty over whether the provenance of the deployment orders is legal. My bet is that the Pentagon will ultimately drop charges against LTC Lakin since to pursue the court mtiraal will open up the right of discovery by the defendant. A court order will trump all efforts by O to contain the information dealing with his birth, citizenship, scholastic background, etc, etc. The legal standing of LTC Lakin to defend himself by any and all legal means is endlessly historically proven. The truth will necessarily come out. If the Pentagon drops charges, then every other military person who has questions about O's legitimacy (and many do) can rely on that precedent to respectfully refuse deployment. With sufficient numbers of military people testing the resolve of the Pentagon, at some point the Pentagon will have to capitulate and try a case, knowing that to fail to do so might well result in an effective shutdown of the military. O is now painted into a corner. Our troops WANT to be deployed, to defend freedom, but they want to be led by those whose right to lead is upheld by the Constitution, something that our PC Pentagon simply refuses to acknowledge. They are on a slippery slope. O cannot argue that he is outside the chain of accountability when dealing with deployment orders; he is after all the ostensible C in C. As Truman famously said, The Buck Stops Here . Not only does the buck stop in the Oval Office, chickens also come to roost there as well. The usurper will soon find himself in a world of hurt. Impeachment proceedings will begin during Calendar 2010, perhaps even under a Democrat Senate. Even they cannot skate on this up-or-down constitutional question. Sentencing will happen after the November 2010 elections. My belief is that a new Republican-led Congress will not treat him and his co-conspirators with kid gloves. Sic Semper Tyrannis!!


Wow Arod, never heard that one before. Of crsuoe you probably think its as original astute as the rest of your sht. So what you are saying is that Arriba has factually proven that there is a group that wants Lakin to take the fall? Noooooooo I'll repeat it (dumb it down) for you)Arribas only responsibility is to present the doctors intentions for the sake of discussion. Thats what blogs do.. Without that there would be no basis. His responsibility after that is only to provide his theories or interpretation of any percieved scenario.Its not too far off base to assume the doctor is the mouthpiece or sacrificial lamb for a bunch of idiots. It is however very off base for you to think that there are no political ideologies confronting each other in our government. True, lines have been blurred where title make little difference but there are still very many fine men serving as leaders that hold to their convictions. Unfortunately the closer they rise to the top of the heirarchy the less decsernable these differences and convictions became.IMO its more likely that Obama is a full blooded socialist that has even some RINOS concerned over the left lean towards the cliff were taking.I seriously doubt that he was not thouragky vetted by any number of federal agencies once he came to the runing.With a name like his I'm sure someone with access levels which we dont appreciate did a little checking on him long before this idiocy started.Besides, we all know that these wars are owned outright by the Bush administration and its his cause the doctor should be fighting for since Obama never really appreciated either war.The doc is proof of idiocy no doubt. But theres merit to pondering whether or not hes a front man for birther freaks.

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