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just another example of why Tom is the best writer/columnist in North Carolina.

Jon Putnam

Amazing story Tom, I hope we all can remember the Jake we all grew to love. The average joe that looked just like one of the guys that carried that team not with his arm and athletic ability but with his fire, passion, and heart. For our first Christmas together my wife bought me a signed Jake jersey from ebay, it is now proudly displayed in my 'man room.' When Jake lost his mojo we all prayed and hoped he got it back, not for us, not for the team, but because Jake was our man, the one we could all believe in. I won't ever forget the real Jake, the Jake that wore his emotions on his sleeve and was just a man's man. Thanks for sharing.


Dear Jake,
Thank you for the last 8 years. I truly enjoyed every one of them including this last one. I rooted for you every game even when no one else would. You have been my favorite player since you stepped into that huddle against JAX. I wish you luck with whatever you decide to do. I will never forget all the things you have done for us. Good luck to you and your family

Brenda Ross

Jake Delhomme has been my favorite Panther since that first game - the sweet Cajun who left it all on the field - I am so sad to see him go. The true fans of Jake cried right along with him today and the others who have made their nasty comments really don't matter in the large scheme of things. There is a huge hole in the Panther roster now and it will take quite a while before it is adequately filled. Best of luck, Jake, you deserve the best.


As I see others celebrate his farewell, I remain saddened that the core member of the Cardiac Cats is gone. I hope Jake knows that he has some real fans, and that they will always be grateful for what he gave us. Hope. Good Luck to #17.


Jake is still the man. I am so sorry our team made such a mistake and let him go.


Great article. Jake will be missed, but he will be successful in whatever he does. I hope he keeps a home here and stays a part of the community.

Thank you for being you Jake, on and off the field.


Nice article. Jake will be missed and we should be proud as Carolina Panther fans that we have had him on our team. He is well respected and loved. He is the kind of person we would want our sons to grow up to be. Sincere, geniune, a really nice guy. I wish him well. He will forever be with the Carolina Panthers.


Tom, that was beautiful.

Thanks for everything, Jake!


I am deeply saddened to hear the news about Jake. He is the reason I became a football fan again in 2003. In a sport where QB egos are huge , Jake never had one. He was just a guy who loved the sport and played with his heart. I was lucky to meet him a few years ago and was just amazed how unbelieveably friendly he was to everyone. He talked to me like we were friends and when we had our picture taken together, he insisted we take it again when it came out kind of blurry. He was just that kind of a guy. He was a wonderful classy guy and I believe the Panthers organization lossed huge today. They loss the heart and sole of this team and for me it will never be the same. This Carolina girl will miss the "Carolina Cajun" and will always remember everything he did for this team and community. Thank you so much Jake for all the wonderful memories. You will be greatly missed!



If you read the press related to you, I know you'll read some from the Jake haters. Well....I hope you ALSO make sure to read all of the comments from the Jake LOVERS!!! You were the leader of our team, and you led it with class and grace and energy and a spirit to win. We love you Jake and wish you the best!!!! We're going to miss you!!!!!


What I'll remember is Jake going toe-to-toe with Tom Brady and, in my opinion, outplaying him in the Super Bowl. Had Kasay not kicked the kickoff out-of-bounds we would have a Super Bowl trophy in Charlotte. He didn't have the astuteness of Peyton Manning or the athleticism of Donovan McNabb, but the guy won football games. Period.


Great article, Tom.

I can remember way before 2009 and I'm going to miss #17 in a Panther uniform. He created so many good memories for me.


In the movie "The Replacements" the coach was asked what it would take for his team to get back in the game after halftime, his reply was "Heart, lots and lots of heart". If nothing else, Jake has lots and lots of Heart! Playing good or bad, love him or hate him, Jake Delhomme never quit trying or gave up, never made excuses or blamed his teammates for a mistake or acted any way other than honorable. In this age of professional sports, that is a rare commodity. Thanks, Man! Good luck!


I have known Jake for several years, with all the Superbowl hoopla, and the 2008 run for the championship. He would always stop and say,'Hi' and remembered your name. Like you were old friends. Practices, games, and charites in the Charlotte area, will not be the same. Jake, I know, I will see you on another team, and I hope you have another chance at a Playoff run in your career.


Well done Tom, well done.


I am so saddened that we had to lose Jake... I never thought I would feel so bad about it, but it just feels like I've lost a best friend. Jake is truly one of the greatest guys that has ever played in this league. He's such a phenominal person and was so much fun to watch. Jake is truly a role model for what an NFL player should be. We love you, Jake.


You're a first class guy. At the end of the ride you're left with how you played the game. I never once doubted that you gave everything you had for this team and I thank you for your leadership, integrity and desire to win. You will always be a big part of Panther football. Here's to good health and happiness to you and yours.


We will miss that Cajun Magic that Jake brought to every game...he will play somewhere...I just hope the Panthers don't have to face him in a big game.


I think the Panthers made a huge mistake, but Jake will bounce back somewhere. I'd like to see him go to a team like the Saints, near his home, and I'd pull for them, just like I did this year, once the Panthers were out of the mix.

We just lost the heart of our football team. I wish you all the best Jake, and may your horses come up winners.


Thank you Jake for so many great memories. The game winner against Jacksonville, those great playoff games, the bullet you threw to beat the Chargers. Truly a class act and role model in every sense. The best of luck to the leader of the Cardiac Cats.

sam ogilvie

Thanks for a wonderful story, Tom. It's a pleasure to read all the positive comments about Jake Delhomme. He was truly classy from beginning to end.


This so hard to write as i keep drying off my keyboard. Folks, Jake's legacy will be with us for years. A winning season may be 3 years down the road. But it's not Jake's fault that he took the money. Fire the idiots who gave it to him along with any chance of franchise success. This is a business and Jake Delhomme was terrible for business.


I'm a mom - not a real sports fan - and I have an 8 year old son; Jake Delhomme has been his hero. And so he's been my hero, too. What an honor that here in Charlotte we had such a classy, stand-up guy for our kids to look up to. And during the '09 season, we got to talk alot about loyalty and good seasons and "bad seasons" and what it means to believe in your hero. On those few Mondays, after Jake had a particularly rough game, my son would put on his #17 jersey and wear it to school - and sometimes get picked on... but it was HIS WAY of standing by his hero. So we're pretty sad here in our house; I was hoping things would turn out differently. But I sure am glad that #17 has been part of our lives...


Great article. I am just so sad that this happened; I know it's a business decision, but it's going to break my heart to see Jake in another team's uniform this fall. I still hope we see his name up on the stadium with Sam Mills one day; Jake deserves it. A huge hole is now left--it'll be a long, long time before that gets filled.

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