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Big "T" Hosch


The General

Just wait till the get a football team!

Scott Myers

The official attendance was listed at 1,941. When I was a student from 1999-2003, the beginning of the Bobby Lutz era, at the very LEAST Halton would be half full or more no matter who we played, and a sold out 9,105 for all the huge games. Halton didn't even sell out when we upset Temple this year! Rewind 10 years or so, if a Charlotte highlight or a mention of us popped up on ESPN, if Rece Davis was doing the talking, he would always call us the "Fighting Bobby Lutzes." When Stuart Scott did Sportcenter the night we beat Temple, he didn't even pronounce his name right (Lutz as in, rhymes with Putts) My point here is, these last 5 years Charlotte has become an irrelevant team. Some folks will point to us leaving Conference USA as the reason for that, but let's be real here. Lutz has had FIVE years to adjust to life in the A-10, and he has failed (135-83 from 1998-05, 83-75 since 2005). I've always liked him, but unfortunately I think it's time for him to go. Going 1-7 after starting 18-5 this year is just the icing on the cake, and is unacceptable.

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