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Congrats on picking WVU. I doubt anybody picked the entire final four. Dook was my only correct choice.


Hey Tom. Last night on The Simpsons, Homer referenced the Carolina Panthers two times. One where he whooped out his Carolina Panthers credit card. And the other where he fell into a truck full of pre-owned yarmulkes and pulled out a Carolina Panthers one.

Any chance you can run down the backstory on that one?


Nice little piece Tom.....I was tired of reading Observer Sports pieces predicting Duke's demise over quicker and more atheletic teams.....

Go Dookies

You have to hand it to Mike K. This guy proves he is of Dean Smith (who retired way too early) calibre and time and time again will take good playmaker teams without hotdog superstars and teach them team ball concept to make the F4 and maybe the top prize. He did play for Bobby Knight way back so that was an added plus.

Tradition and good coaching with hard work pays off. Getting to the F4 separates the men from the boys.

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