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I cant believe I changed the station when Canada went up 2-0. Costas also said it may have been the best Olympic event he has ever seen. Hopefully, it will air again.

John W.

It's The Beatles.


here is what i can not believe....

the US can often be the most jingoistic country in the world and no one is complaining that we lost...

i think it is because it's like losing to you cute little brother who has not irritated you in the last couple of days....

AND because we really think it was a great game although we are not real sure because we are not real sure what happened – but it seemed real exciting....


I still can't figure out curling. SNL had a great sketch last week with a fake Telemundo correspondent reporting that there was a terrible accident when pipes burst on the shuffleboard court and it froze in the Canadian winter, but men with brooms were trying to get the ice off.


oh forgot... one other reason we didn't seem to mind... its not a REAL sport.... notice no one got upset when we lost in curling or that shooting skiing thingy either


I am going to need an explanation on how hockey is not a real sport.

Jake belongs in the UFL

The Checkers games are entertaining but their current AA league is awful. It stands for Extremely Crappy Hockey League. The NHL, and AHL, are way better to watch then the ECHL.

I am a big hockey fan - regardless of what you wrote before, the Hurricanes Cup victory is one of the biggest moments in NC sports history. However, the NHL needs to get their product on a network like Speed. Versus is not carried by Directtv and only in the top tier of Dish. They need to back off the commercials and tv timeouts. The fast pace in the Olympics was perfect for the game.

Michael Procton

JbitU, the Checkers are conveniently going to be the AHL affiliate of the 'Canes next year. Surely that'll be more exciting for you.

Jake belongs in the UFL

Oh yeah, definitely. I knew about that a month before it was announced. It obviously won't be the current Checkers = the new team is Albany.

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