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Hell of a sport. Ken Shamrock was in it one bad mofo and MMA Mixed Martial Arts champion. These guys dont screw around. Bloody. Boxing wus next to it. The weak need not apply. Its the real deal.


yeah this is what i have been waiting for a chance to get my nose broken, and maybe some bruise ribs to go along with it..i can't wait to try out..


nose broken and bruised ribs? what a joke.

just think of those millions including females who dodge bullets fighting terrorism and come home without arms or legs or 50 bullet holes in them or a pile of cremated ashes? and dont play football or other sports where you could break bones, concussions etc.

then again the we have the spoiled rotten mommys boys ...but who will fight the evil meanie old terrorists who want to kill america ? only the strong survive. you gotta be strong, you gotta hold on ...

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