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He should come to Carolina, hes better than the options we have now!!!!

well i be dawg gone

There is no such thing as RB/QB in the NFL and never will be.

But if Vick wants to be a WR with his speed then he can take over for the slow short guy.

Just make sure he owns cats only. We need a couple million of them need to be wasted if he ever wanted to fight them. Catfights are a lot of fun espec the female type.


I'd like to see him come here. Yes, he has accuracy issues. But I don't think he's as prone to blowing off coaches in favor of what his homies think anymore. Prison taught that lesson very well.

He didn't play much in Philly because they have an All-Pro QB. We don't have an All-Pro QB here. Do I think he's the Panther savior? No. Do I think he should get a shot here? Yes.

Say What

moore's won more games than vick over the last 3 years and all without the distraction.


"There is no such thing as RB/QB in the NFL and never will be."

Vince Young looked pretty good in that role the last few games of the season for Tenn.

pete seward

jake......a starter. please...


The Panthers are a 1 trick pony. Richardson has gotten a pass and he and Fox are a match mad in heaven. They both suck. They run a football team with no imagination. Trying to acquire Vick is too much like trying to win. As you said, it won't happen.


Delhomme's arm was never very accurate. But it's been even worse since his surgery.


Michael Vick was an athlete, he never was a QB. The ProBowls (3) he was in, were popularity contests. His last Probowl (2005) , he was the 16th rated QB in the entire NFL.. Guess who was above him in the stats, Jake Delhomme. Vick had his time to make a lot of money, and to play Football. But he decided to waste it away. He is now slower, and not even a good QB option. Plus, Philly just picked up his 1 year option, so end of this story. Until 2011, then everyone can start back up on the hype again..


I am a PSL Sucker. No they want try for Vick as long as they have PSL Suckers winning is not their first priority image is. This is the worst run sports operation in town. Paying Peppers a million a game then letting him walk.They could have had Vick last year for what they paid Peppers in one game. I wouldn't be surprise if Jake does start next year. If this would have been the Bobcats they would be riddicule to death by the media.


We have a number one, two, three QB....1) #3 2) #12 3) #7....SO WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?


if you want to win panthers...vick is your best option over what you have now at qb


Peppers never could touch him.........


Don't need alot, but how about a little love for Matt Moore. With him there is at least hope. When given the opportunity, whats he not done to show he can be a solid Quarterback in this league?


we need vick bad or next season will be same as last season jack and matt moore they both suck maybe we can drafth a qb and a speedy wide reciever our defense is good enought but sure need a qb right now anybody is better then what we have right now


now we have alot to prove NFC 2 team already have thier superbowl carolina player please come hungry and be readdy to kick some ass


Vick as a QB had one good year in ATL and then it was mediocre since. Lost count of the QB coaches he went through. They didn't coin him coach killer for nothing. Why anyone wants to pretend he was so great is confusing. Also he kept himself surrounded by unsavory criminals.

It was his owner who thought he would be so great that he would change football forever so he gave him the big bucks. No team needs this guy. Nor do I believe he is reformed.


"there was nothing wrong physically with Delhomme in '09..."

Got a story to break?

Michael Procton

J, Vick did play. And he averaged 4 YPC and completed about 50% of his passes, like always. Nothing about that says "successful NFL quarterback."

Funny, Mr. No, that Richardson and Fox could suck so much to have ranked 7th in the NFL in wins since they came together in their current roles.

James, he's never shown he can win a game with anything on the line.

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