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Not sure I can head anyone off but Tom uses a crazy write trick called sarcasm. Howeva, I do wonder if he knows that Iceland is actually very green while Greenland is the ice covered island. Just sayin'




The average winter temp in Iceland is about the same as NYC's.

This game is a good chance for INS to catch all the undocumented Icelanders here in Charlotte.


INS should show up and lock the gates, check everyone for green cards!!!


Very excellent work Tom. Again and again, the writing style employed by you finds humor in deception. Many smiles will greet you from the Charlotte community of Icelanders.

Við vilja ráða yfir the Mexíkani knattspyrnulið!


Surprised you've never seen the flag of Iceland, Tom. Considering your last name is Sorensen, I'd have to figure you have some kind of Scandinavian blood.

Funny though, how the Icelandic community in the United States doesn't force their language and ways on Americans.


Funny though, how you're a passive aggressive racist Ken.


Classic Black Ice.


Pure idiocy Tom. should have just read this to one of your friends, had a laugh about it, and called it a day.


Saw the Icelandic team walking up South Tryon Street this morning, shouted "Go Iceland!" at them and they waved back.

I would imagine that even they would view your feeble attempt at humor pretty lame, Tom.


It's really the kind of stupidity the online readers of the OC have come to expect from the comments sections below the articles. Only this time it happens to actually is the article, if you can call it that. Get with it Tom you write for the Charlotte Observer not the Gaston Gazette. Sorry Gastonians, the reality is your paper and it's editors probably has more class than this.


Way to go the extra mile Tom and put the game in terms people around here could understand. You know how it's kind of like UNC playing Gardner-Webb in basketball. (Last years UNC that is, might be a close game this year) ;)


Almost twice as many people live in Charlotte then all of Iceland. This city could probably field a better team.


Some writers are not paid what their worth should be happy. Way to go Tom!! Look up map next time


I've visited Iceland and I love it there. The women are very hot. I might go back for a visit this year.


Scotty, I don't Tom is up on his geography !!

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