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Waffle House will clean out more than the country club to your system.
BTW, did you see Tiger at the WH....or was that Perkins?


That's great. Remember Lewis Grizzard? According to his bio, after every show, on the way out of town on his tour bus, he's holler up front -- "Stop at the first Waffle House you see!"

Country Boy At Heart

Lewis Grizzard...Remembering my favorite LG Line..."If you want to make a fashion statement, don't buy clothes where they also sell tires"....

That would be JC Penny, Sear, Kmart, or Walmart....

I miss his views on life.

Country Boy At Heart

That would be SEARS...

Sorry...greasy fingers from some Waffle House bacon.


Lewis Grizzard? "Before I get married again, I'll just find some woman I can't stand and buy her a house."


1st of all let me tell you how happy i am to see a familiar sight in food blogs.i hanevt seen many Hk food bloggers and so cannot share many thingg and experiences like u see the Uk bloggers and new york bloggers do.And yes i have been to this particular one and i love the toasted chocolate one.Diagonally opp to the Langham Place mall ,right outside the Mong kok MTR exit,this one is a favoutite snack place for me.

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