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A lot of ups and downs and inconsistant play from the Bobcats. But with that said they are my Bobcats and I am rollin with them. Congrats cats you deserve this one. I wish you well in the playoffs.


This team really deserves our support. They are playing with power, grace, and hustle. It's a lot of fun watching these games and last night was a nail biter. I hated Bob Johnson but I love this team: Go Cats!


Get over the Hornets. It's like talking about an exgirlfriend when trying to praise your current girlfriend. She dumped you, you got angry because you got dumped, and until you get over it you'll never appreciate what you do have, which is a franchise on the rise that is playoff bound.


thank you Joe. Tom is obsessed with the Hornets. They are history in this town. The Bobcats rule now.

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