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You and Daly have something in common. Nothing you write constitutes journalism.

Have you EVER looked in a mirror? You try to gain readers sympathy by your cancer story. Do you think you are the only one to have cancer? Most folks in that situation have a "vision" moment. You however are the same bitter, crater faced, untalented writer you were years ago.

No wonder you have been banned from WFNZ and now spend your time swapping recipes with the unmanly guys at WBT. What a sham you are Tom, a pure sham.

Daly has been thru many trials and tribulations. He has handled them ith grace never asking for sympathy. YOU COULS LEARN FROM HIM. Now go inject some chicken blood.


WOW Mark. What a hater you are. "Crater faced" -- really? Nice 12 year old response to an opinion of a columnist. If you hate Tom so much and think he is so awful, why are you reading his blog??


Mark obviously didn’t take his meds today. What an angry man!

Joe Cool

Hey Mark

Congratulations!! You win the Loser of the Day award!! Get out of moms basement and do something positive with your life.

J. Brown

Mark as very harsh. With that being said I can telly ou first hand how much of a jerk Tom is.

In the past I have dealt with him on a professional basis. He was very arrogant.

The guy is a entertainment writer. Give him a wrestling story and he is on tip of his game. Anything else he is no better than a writer for a weekly paper.

Not sure why Mark reads Toms blogs. I read them to be amused at his stupidity.


Hard biting incisive commentary from Tom here. Dismissing the hundreds of potential stories of guys ACTUALLY PLAYING AT THE MASTERS, Tom steps outside of Augusta National and regales us with a meaningless, half-baked pseudo-"story" about Daly. Not even a quote.

Why bother even going to Augusta Tom?


Wow, why are there so many haters of Tom..? I actually found this story pretty good, better then most of the ones from ESPN, and CBS Sports today... Tom, good Job...!!

Cedar Posts

I guess everyone is journalist these days myself included. I think Tom is all right, he writes well and does so from the heart.

I gave Tom a couple of suggestions for a story on Daytona a couple of years ago and he not only thanked me but used my ideas.

Very Cool No. One.

Then cancer jumped him, and one day he wrote about "the bell" too funny the bell is some crazy idea my sister came up with, its there for all to ring signaling a small victory in what will become a life long battle against cancer.

My sister wrote Tom and he wrote back. Very cool again. No. Two.

What I really like about Tom Sorenson is he lets the comments stay. I think if you write OpEd for a living you should be willing to let people say whatever they like.

Crater Face? ok I remember junior high school, pig nose, buffalo butt, arm pit.

In this case the story is not John Daley the story is Tom Sorenson. The story in the comments and that they haven't been deleated.

Very Cool No. Three.

Tom gets paid to go to Augusta Very Cool No. Four.

So say what you like, I doubt anything at this point in Tom's life would really shock him, unless Tiger gave him a one on one....

And hey, the week is still young.

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