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shut up Tom


omg.... i finally care about the panthers again


mark my words....Purrfit Season-Z.Weeks 2010

u stink

He'll likely return kicks and punts or kicks and punts, run routes and make the Panthers more entertaining. You are the worst writer on the staff.

Nick P

Yes, it was a good first, 3 picks, even for us comatose fans


wow i wonder how mundane your life would be to read an article by a writer you obviously dont like and then bash them...i envy you


I agree with Tom. These 3 picks helps this charter PSL owner feel much better than I did a week ago when I wrote the check for my season tickets.


o.k, i can see clausen and lafell,but you give the pats a #2, a precious#2 pick for a tweener who they could of got in the 4th.curious.

John Gruden

I love this pick. I think it was great. I think the panthers stretched on it and he is going to be a bust. Wait, what was I saying, Steve young just interrupted me. No, I'm not making a face, I always look like this!
I hope Fox sucks this year so I can get the Panthers job, wait, did I say that out loud? Shoot, there goes the ESPN gig.
I want a real job, wah-a-wah, where's my doll.


He'll likely return kicks and punts or kicks and punts, run routes and make the Panthers more entertaining. You are the worst writer on the staff. Man you need a new freaking job cause it shows you're not good at this!!! Are you serious!! lol


I'm imaging Edwards as a Wes Welker type. If they can get the ball out to him quick, he can make things happen.

Michael Procton

Yes, it will CERTAINLY be exciting to watch him struggle to do anything in the league, given his complete lack of any NFL-caliber positional ability.

h a lewis

some morons think they know what makes a great player. experience at position, height, weight, etc.

These fools actually think that the people who have millions of dollars invested in the future of the Panthers could know less than they do about talent - even talent thay have never seen on display.

Edwards (like Smith) has something they won't understand even when they see it.

It is soooo easy to be a critic.


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