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Whatever! You are your own man!


If they was an influence, he sure didn't learn a damn thing. You never heard a MJ or Charles jumpoff talk to the public. Tiger played the game so wrong. Calling women on his main phone line. Leaving voice messages on the answering machine. IDIOT! Let your assistants do all the talking for you and get multiple cell phones. I'm sure MJ and Charles would've at least taught him that.

Sherlock Holmes


Hummmm... Jordans a gambler from way back and Woods is a gambler. Both like blonde hookers and big bucks ... Whats up with that? Nevermind. We know.

Is Stern and the NBA pluslocal media giving Jordan a free pass on his gambling past? Not a word. Whats up with the double standards?


Yeah, I can really see Mike telling you he did lead him astray. You did your job in asking that but did you expect him to say anything else?

Enuff already

Woods has driven up the costs on anything and everything for most working stiffs including green fees, clubs, balls, Nike, and any other sponsor he has. As for his foundation, it's all tax write offs. He made a billion dollars and has to find ways to not pay the government. It's good for publicity and is a weak attempt to make him look like a caring human being. How much time do you think he devouts to those kids? As for the money he gets, look no farther than the pathetic commercial using the voice of his dead father to sell more stuff. Sickening! As for the little girl comment, who ran out of the house and got beaten down by his 100 lb. wife yielding a 9 iron and crashed his vehicle before falling aslepp in the street? Tiger's a Turd!


Tom must really like sucking these guys @#$@!!!!!


Damn that lying Eldridge Woods.Thats right his name is Eldridge not Tiger,Eldridge gives real Tigers a bad name.

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