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youre a real glass half empty guy sorensen.the 49ers got a guard at 17.big whoop.i hope brown has a breakout year so he can shut your whiny piehole.

thats racin



The trade was a dumb move by the Panthers!! Why cant people see that. Its was DUMB!!!!!!! Everette Brown is a good back up player at best!!


The Panthers NEED to move up in the draft and get Clausen. He would give the Panthers the franchise QB that they have needed for years.


I don't understand why Clausen isn't being considered at this point. I wouldn't have traded into the first round to get him, but if you can switch 2nd rounders with a team to get a QB who some had rated higher than Bradford then why not.


Clausen is like Cutler. Good player, but whiny and blames everyone but himself. There are reasons why he fell.

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