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Nah, that kid had the taser coming. Enough already with that trash. Tase and be done with it.


Great Article Tom!! Geez these writers suck at the Charlotte Observer!


It's funny, not matter what a writer blogs about there is someone ready to blast them for it. If you are really that bored how about looking up what the difference is between an article and a blog.....

People of Charlotte

How about instead they tase you Tom, ha ha wow that would be entertaining for all of Charlotte.


He was almost 18 evaded capture plus a major distraction. He should have been shot with a tazer mase and pepper spray hog tied and cuffed to jail.

Tough measures needed to prevent a trend of other idiots doing this at games.

What if some fool rushed the field in the middle of live action?

And there are coaches who need help.



On another note this is def not good news about UNC/Giants linebacker LT.



how many people would run onto any field if they knew there were sure fire going to be on the bad end of a taser. Hey.. Heres an idea. Give every Umpire, Ref, Field Judge or offcial a Taser. Well every on except maybe Tennis officials.. They would have been to tempted to use it on John McEnroe during his bad boy days


Nice deterrent for the next pathetic soul desperate for attention.


Punk dropped like a wet bag of bagels.

Text book application of high voltage deterrent.


you know what, if you act like a jackass you should be treated like a jackass. the fans that stayed in the stands didnt get tazed so logically one can believe that if you do what your are supposed to be doing chances are you wont get tazed. how is it that ppl think there shouldnt be any consequences for their dumbass actions anymore? taze em all!

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