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John Cochrane

Garnett is complEmentary. He adds to the team and makes it whole. He is not complImentary, as making polite comments to others.
Spellcheck, feh.


Tom, this article is ridiculous. I'm not usually overly critical of writing but you're basically telling us that you think it's going to be a Phoenix-Orlando NBA Finals because you're a fan of the Suns and you hate the Celtics. If I want that kind of analysis, I can get that from some Average Joe walking the streets...and apparently from the Average Joe writing for the Observer.

Michael Odom

I hope you're right. I hate the Lakers even more than you hate the Celtics. Dwight Howard of the Magic is one of the few class acts in the NBA, not a thug covered in tattoos. Go Magic.


WRONG... did you see game 1 tom?


If you understand Tom's role, he is a columnist not analyst.
His job is to stir up the masses, get conversation going, not to agree with an analyst.

Although I disagree with his opinion, I respect and know that he has always loved Phoenix because they run, like his showtime lakers.

Celtics vs. Lakers !!!!

Celts in 6

Ron Donald

Why do all of you have similar polygon avatars?


Why isn't Charlotte your favorite team? If the Showtime Lakers are your all-time favorite team, and Phoenix is now, that gives the appearance that you are fair-weather and never root for a team that is bad. Shame on you.


I find it funny how Tom suggests it will be Phoenix vs. Orlando in the finals, and both teams basically get slaughtered in Game 1 of their respective series (without Magic's frantic last quarter run). I think The Magic will come back and win the series, but after last night, I lost some faith in the Suns.

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