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Tom Sux

Actually Tom, why don't you ask your boyfriend Pacquiao why he wouldn't submit to stringent drug testing if he had nothing to hide...btw...how many fights has Mayweather lost? Pacquiao? Yeah, thought so.

Tom's Bad Info

Tom, you obviously have no idea what you're talking about and a good indication is that you don't even know the price of the PPV fee for the fight. Boxing is about match ups and if you saw Mosely's last fight you would understand the value in this fight tonight. Like the previous poster said, Mayweather didn't back out of the fight with Pacquiao. Just stick to analyzing thumb wrestling.


They may not be the best in the world, but watching Mayweather fight is never a waste of money. His quickness is amazing and he is always entertaining.


A more helpful post would have mentioned bars around Charlotte that will be showing the fight.

AC Lassiter


How about finding a local high school newspaper to write for... your views tell me you know less about boxing than a grandmother with cataracts..



Get a life!! Man. Shane will win!!!


Everyone looking forward to this fight are morons with nothing else to do. Get Floyd's dork ass in the ring with Manny and I'll watch. Otherwise -- BORING. That goes for you man hugging MMA fans too.

Tom knows enough to be reasonable about ordering this fight. WASTE OF MONEY!!!


I personally feel it is going to be an entertaining fight, and a build up for the Mayweather/Pac fight in the fall, but I firmly believe that Mosley will give Mayweather all he can handle if Mayweather decides to fight and not run. Mosley is actually got something behind his punches, something that the last few fighters Mayweather has faced. Is it coincidence Mayweather opted to retire than fight De La Hoya a 2nd time?? No, he knew that he escaped the first fight in a narrow decision, and wanted no part in a rematch. I don't think the fight is a waste of money if you enjoy prize fight boxing and entertainment, which you will get for this bout. I like Mayweather in a decision, but I think he will be pushed.


Tom are you Sports Reporter or a mouthpiece for "FOX NEWS SPORTS", if it ain't white it ain't right Network....

John W.

Yeah, don't watch the one of the two greatest fighters alive fight live. If you have an interest in doing that, it's because you are NOT a boxing fan!

Wait... So if I want to watch a legend fight another, albeit aged, legend I'm a dope? Wrong. I'm the real fight fan. I bet you would have been telling people to skip half of Ali's fights too. Hell, maybe you did. It's not like anyone knows how old you are.

Pacquiao is better. And if Mayweather wins, they have to make that fight. With Mosley fighting in a different style than he did pretty much all of his career, the fight that is on tonight is far short of a guarantee.

It's "fight fans" like you who fell out of their office chairs the next day when they found out Tyson lost to Douglas.

"Damn, I wish I had seen that," you said.


Tom you have no idea what you are talking about! I wouldn't be surprised even Mosley knocked trash talking Mayweather the F!ck Out.


Mayweather is a punk who runs his mouth. He wanted the stringent drug testing because he knows that he can't beat Pac-Man. Moseley is washed up and hasn't fought in over a year. He is old and slow and Mayweather will take it the distance because he doesn't have knockout power. I will say Mayweather 10 rounds to 2 and Tom is right a waste of $50


tom you talk a lot of bs about something you should cover with less bias, talk about who wins the fight and why instead of trying to discourage people to watch, hell this is the only meaningful boxing match to watch and if you a boxing fan this is the event, tom do us a favor don't say nothing if you have nothing good to say, your mother should have taught you that..


Well, Tom's post shows his lack of interest in boxing, so maybe it's not worth it to him. It's the best fight that could have been made with Manny's refusal to prove he's clean. Many casual boxing fans are unaware that Mayweather offered Manny a compromise on testing but Manny refused that as well. Sounds like Manny is dodging the fight, not Mayweather. Why not take the tests and prove it?


I'm so glad that I ain't the only one that thinks you are full of doo-doo. You couldn't of seen Mosley destroy Margarito. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. This article sucks and so do you. Please don't write about things you don't know about.


It's Mosley. Not Mosely.

I'm not one of those readers who likes to nitpick and point out every slight typo in a story, but this is pretty silly. You're referring to the focal person in this story. Yet you can't spell the name correctly? Whether it's Sorenson, or the editors who missed the it, this mistake completely makes the article irrelevant.


I would rather watch thug Wallace play for free...not really. Thought Celtics were smarter than that, loser with a temper will kill chemistry of franchise known for "team".Oh wait, Tomasana would never write about Carolina boxers...thugs.


I do not usually comment on this but Tom have absolutely no idea what you are speaking about. As a previous poster stated this article just shows your lack of interest in boxing.


Tom writes like he's trying to reach the special-ed kids.

"This is Tiger Woods, he's a golfer. He cheated on his wife, this made her sad. They got a divorce, he is still sad."

^ the next Tom

John W.

You missed a brilliant performance by a legend.

As Larry Merchant pointed out tonight, there comes a time when "the point" -- the attraction, the reason for interest -- becomes Mayweather himself, not necessarily the match up. The point of this fight was watching an all-time great knock the dust off of another Hall of Fame bound fighter.

Mayweather overcame early adversity to dominate, and it WAS fun to watch.

What I am saying is this: Mayweather is so good that to miss one of his matches is something sinful for a fight fan to do.


I don't usually agree with you Tom but think you are right about this one 100%. I love Floyd but that Pacquio thing was really cowardly! Floyd has fought 40! other fighters who he didn't refuse to fight unless they submit some Drug test...So Why Pacquio?? SImple! because He's SCARED! I think floyd can beat Pacquio however I do think Pacquio is the 1 fighter out there that "can" beat Floyd right now and Floyd knows it and that's why he's avoiding him...I wouldn't be surprised if Floyd is trying to wait till Pac gets old! then try and fight em...much like he did with Shane tonight....
that's my 2 cents...
I long for the day! Great Heavy Weights return to the ring if it will ever happen I don't know...

John W.

Cheven, if he was asking for the testing because he was "scared" then are you saying he was afraid of Mosley? Mosley agreed to the testing, and he was dominated.

There have been some rumblings that Pacquiao is a doper (I'd be crushed if he is, I love the guy), so why would he not agree to testing, just as Mosley (who has been busted for doping) did? He's get to clear his name, and he'd get to make the biggest fight in ages.

Put all of the pressure on Mayweather by agreeing to testing, Pacquiao. Then, if he still won't fight, you can legitimately say he is afraid of you.

And, like Jim Lampley (Tar Heel!), I'm not buying that Mosley is completely over-the-hill. He was simply out-classed. Mosley looked amazing in his last fight.

Dr. Zul

Seems as if the author is the one who doesn't follow boxing.


John W. True Good points, I had not paid much attention to this Shane fight at all prior to the fight at all, I was unaware Shane agreed to testing and completed it. I also agree that shane wasn't over the hill he simply just isn't a better fighter than Floyd. I have to give Floyd respect though as after the fight he was asked if Shane hurt him early on when he caught him with a good shot! and Floyd didn't lie..like most fighters would when asked that question..he was upfront about how hard a shot that was and it was pretty obvious he was hurt by it. I can't wait for this Pac vs Floyd fight..and you are right at this point PAc has just gotta submit to the drug test.
ps LETS GO HEELS!! (hopefully B.Davis won't throw away our season by sticking TJ Yates! again this year.


Wow Tom,Money Mayweather must have stole your girlfriend or had an affair with your wife.If you were a true boxing fan like you state all the time,you would have flown to Vegas and used your credentials (lol) to enjoy a awsome fight @ the MGM Grand Garden arena.

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