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Moon B

Typical Juan "Problem" Montoya...thinks he never makes a mistake and has an over inflated idea of his own driving ability. Not saying he cant drive, he can, just not as good as he thinks he can..there is a difference


Tom, stick to sports you understand. Smith was beat and he had a choice....to wreck both cars or to back off. He didn't back off and he wrecked both cars. It was his fault. You need to cover the Panthers. A sport you actually understand.


What do you expect Montoya is the dirtiest driver in NASCAR .Sorry,kyle Busch!


Juan.....Can you race in Arizona? Thie sport is dead. Too many Yankees and foreigners.


Montoya's mistake ---Even TV commentary and all agree. Chill has a man crush on Juan.


who said that nascar is a real sport, all you do is drive around a track real fast over and over again..nascar is almost a dead event, that is why the sponsorship is steadliy declining, i rather watch soccer or golf than nascar

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