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Durham's Finest

Didn't he pull that same stunt in the finals a couple years back? He actually was shown in a wheelchair, but before you knew it he was playing again, without as much as a limp.

Tyler Anderson

Dwight Howard Hammered Pierce as opposed to "nudge" as you previously stated. Stay off the haterade. Celtics in 5....Out

Real NBA fan

Tom, Your anti-Celtic bias is wearing thin. Howard tackled Pierce's head and then scratched at his eyes for good measure. Note the bleeding and swelling in the forehead for several minutes after the "nudge." Since you are now relegated to merely retelling obvious events (without any original observations and sloppily at that I might add) for the casual Observer reader, will you also "report on" Vince Carter's acting job in the fourth quarter (merely falling on the ground with no defender in sight and then dramatically writhing - was it the groin, wrist, knee, what)? Or the predictable whining by Howard when outplayed by defenders with half of his bench-pressing ability but a much higher basketball IQ? Even Jeff Van Gundy, an unbiased ESPN announcer, has called out Howard for his acting skills - oh yes, I guess your D-Wight is coming out with a movie soon. Boo hoo, Tom - Celtics in 4 over your Reddick-flopping Magic and then (recall 2008) in 6 or 7 over your showtime Lakers in finals.

David H

Humorous, as intended

David H

BTW, was that Dwight Howard's humerus foul?


Son of Willis Reed? More like son of a soccer player. Reed was legitimately injured when he came back for Game 7 in 1970. Putting Pierce in the same category as him seems pretty...well it seems pretty stupid.

Go Twins


Let's see, Willis Reed beat Wilt in that one, right?

Real NBA fan

Hey, if I were Pierce, I would much rather be called "Son of Willis Reed" than "Enabler of Kobe" which pretty much defines Tom and his fellow "Damn-it, he was never convicted, so let's pretend that it never happened, all right?!" Laker fans. Cheers.

Freaky Ty

Man, please! Whoever doesn't agree with this article has never watched Paul Pierce play. I'm originally from Massachusetts, so, I was born a Celtics fan. And, I like Pierce and this Celtics team. But, you CANNOT deny the fact that Pierce is as good an actor as Denzel Washington. They even showed a slow-motion shot of him screaming in agony before he was even touched. He does it all the time. No one is hating. Just speaking the truth. The Oscar definitely goes to Paul Pierce.

Kyle T

Remember when Paul Pierce was stabbed 11 times in the face, back, and neck? Had a bottle smashed over his head. Needed lung surgery because of it? Managed to play all 82 games when the season started just a few weeks later? Remember all that?

Must have been faking it.

Kyle T

I can't even stop there. The funniest thing about this post by Tom is the act Vince Carter put on when he fell. On his own of course, managing to mangle his wrist. At least that's the way he made it look. Naturally he returned.

Sure, give the Oscar to Pierce. He'll put it next to his NBA Championship ring. But not too close, since they might just win another.


I don't have a problem with a player in a contact sport such as football doing the "Jim Brown" thing (always getting up slowly after being tackled so as to not let the other team ever know when they really DID hurt him). But Tom is 100% accurate in his comments about Pierce. He milks the attention. In fairness, Carter is a baby too, and I am a UNC grad and can say that.


did pierce play for duke?


No he played for that little Tarhole cry baby Williams at Kansas.

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