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Mayweather doesnt want Pac to knock him out. And its crazy I know but you actually spell Wade's name Dwyane.


Have you lost your freakin mind!!!!

Tiger is not playing the way he use to, but he is still Tiger. I'll remind you of your ridiculous comment, this time next year, when he's winning again and you jump back on the bandwagon.


Tom, you're just another fan who loves to hate Mayweather because no one can beat him. Manny refused to fight the first time because he was unwilling to take simple blood tests to prove he's a clean boxer, and now he wants to give out deadlines?? Why would you ever give a guy like Mayweather a deadline, seems like the best way to assure that he won't respond.
They will fight, and Mayweather will win, Manny will walk into a short right during one of his wild swinging episodes, the end.

Chuck K

Tom you are right about Mayweather.He is dodging Manny.Your wrong about Tiger though but you know that.


Uh you may want to read this:


It sounds like a simple case of a liar lying. :shrug:

Tom is the worst

Tom has yet again shown he knows nothing about boxing...Mayweather fought a lot of the same boxers Pac man fought when they still had a little left...Pac man fought de la hoya and hatton AFTER mayweather finished them...Pac man has fought all of these guys AFTER Mayweather ended their careers. So how can you act like Mayweather is the one beating past-prime fighters? By the way Shane could have won that fight if he actually had any defense...Poor Tom...another subjective Mayweather hater...how have you not been laid off yet?

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