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Obviously he has not been to CA - temps can far exceed the highs in NC, even without the humidity levels.


MBH; thanks for adding something useful to the dialogue. I don't think he was referring to the Mojave though.


Good call Josh - and isn't Wofford in South Carolina?


2 Blogs and not 1 word on LaFell or Edwards?


He said California...that's funny...The Left Coast is reeeeeeeeeediculous!


Everayone is a wuss from Cali. HAHAHAHAHAHA


They prolly like Ace of Base

Darin's Smarter Brother

I don't know what the coaches were getting at referencing Caleefoornia. But you guys do realize that Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen come from that state. And Steve Smith, the antithesis of wuss, is as well.


CA has no humidity? Ever lived there? Apparently not. The snow capped 12k foot Sierra Nevadas on the east and huge blue Pacific on the west takes out a lot of humidity but not all plus being in the valley locks in all the carbon and exhaust fumes from 25 million people and 50 million vehicles in LA County where you cant breathe half the time. The 100 story skyscapers downtown are lost in the thick nasty haze plus temps can be 110.

Richardson needs to turn on the automatic in ground sprinklers for all the practices and that would solve the problem 100%. It would be like playing in the rain with the sun shining.


We might all be "wusses" out here, but what we lack in "manliness", we make up for in the fine art of getting all these beautiful women here in socal... Never heard a song saying "i wish they all could be Carolina girls..."



I don't know about NC but there are tons of hot girls in SC, and not the plastic ones of Cali.

gino the clown

SCarolina def loaded with babes. Our next gov is a hot one who loves to fuck.

please excuse the french ...


California girls are sexy and New York girls are too.

But Carolina girls got good looks and sweet personality too.

Carolina girls, Best in the world.

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