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what is the point of this article?


Its just Carolina Football. They Blow either way!!!


youre an idiot

Res Ipsa

The Tarheel fans' arrogance has certainly bitten them in the fanny. They like to think of themselves as more of an academic institution than other schools when in reality they are just like everyone else. The difference is that this time, Dean Smith couldn't sweep it under the rug.

Who knows. Maybe the NCAA's memory will end up being like Dean's and this will be forgotten soon.


Just pissed the SEC kicks everyones behind in Pigskin


Keep taking jabs at the SEC. We love it. We wouldn't allow a program as bad as Carolina to be a part of us. Well, maybe we'd consider them as we all need an off week every now and then. Let's just sit back and watch LSU kill them just like every SEC team Kills every ACC team in this opener every year. Can we please add another Conference to this mix as this is getting boring beating up on the ACC every year. Go SEC!!!!!


Making fun of Dean Smith's health. Classy!


Dean Blows!!

Joe the man

what is wrong about dean smiff?????

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