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I'm a fan...but I never go to Sunday games for religious reasons. So, hopefully games will be added on other days of the week, if we must add two. A Tuesday or Wednesday throughout the year somewhere? Why not?


Because that would ruin their schedule for the weeks before and after. It's difficult to make an NFL schedule as it is.


You are all over it. 16 regular season games, 2 preseason games would be perfect.

Once again, greed will override common sense and we'll be left with an inferior product because of injuries and other issues you mentioned.


Why do you think two additional game checks will appease players? All that means is that their annual salary is divided into 18 game checks instead of 16 - it means no additional salary.


This is a win for the fans and owners. A loss for the players - but if they dont like it then nobody is stopping them from retiring.

Backload the the last 3 weeks with all in division games so most teams have something to play for and this will work.


Who would complain?

I'm all for more games!


Don't go to games for religious reasons? Dear god ...


What true fan is going to complain about a few less preseason games, a quicker start to the season, and an additional two regular season games? This is the second article I've read of yours today and you still maintain this pompous know-it-all attitude when I'm sitting here wondering if you have some dirt on the sports editor and that's how you got your job. Sorry if that was mean. This is how I feel.

Unions Suck


Pro sports is the ONLY sector in the US economy that has not suffered layoffs or cutbacks YET mainstream America has seen massive doses with half of labor forces curtailed and the worst Depression in history that began in 2006 and is 4.5 yrs old and getting worse.

Have pro athletes who continue to pile on millions and millions individually been affected by the depression in their greedy selfish ego-manicalism? Who pays them? The owners? Ah contraire. YOU the general public pay them with higher rates for cable tv, food, gas, clothing, etc.

And these union punks will bitch and whine about 2 extra games?

This is a job for Congress. Outlaw this idiot union and demand a cutback for pay for the spoiled brat whiny crybabies who pretend to be liberals who care for people and in the san token raping the general public for their outrageous salaries.

Why not have year-round pro sports? Who in the work force gets to be off 8 months of the year and work only 4 anyway?

And they whine? Peppers was pulling in a million game last year. Most are making a minimum of 100k a game.

This goes for all sports. Year round professional sports. Non-stop. Play a 50 game season with 2 weeks off non-stop.

By having year round non-stop pro sports then there will be real competition and best will win plus maybe they will work harder for their money.

Wouldnt it be great to have the NFL on 52 weeks year along with all other sports? There would be more teams and pro football or basketball baseball on 24/7/365.

Then and only then you will get your moneys worth out of these overgrown spoiled rotten greedy punks.


As much as I look forward to the season, I have no interest in more games or games played mid-week. Too much of a good thing. Keep fans excited and looking forward to the weekend! Also, what fans could travel to away games if they sheduled them during the week? No sir No sir

Joe The Plummer

Yea thats true. They play 4 mos a year 16 weeks & then only on weekends one day a week for 3 hours ... in the NFL and their pay keeps going up up up into the stratus ... while yours keep going down down down to hell ... and you supposed to feel sorry for them? lol ... Bless their poor little pea pickin union scumbag overworked hearts... Gee whiz where can Mr and Mrs Joe 6pack get a bigtime sweet job like that?????????????????????
NFL every weekend ... 52 weeks a year.... EXCELLENT .... sounds like a WINNER BABY !!!! OH HELL YEA !!!! Make all them MOFOZ work more for what WE pay them ...

joe mama

Its called capitalism... the players have something you (we) don't: talent. While the economy has tanked overall, the NFL has grown. Why should players suffer while their owners get richer?

Also, 18 games sounds good until you realize that more of the real stars will be hur by playoff time. Two extra regular seasaon games will lead to 18 good games with backups playing in playoff games more frequently instead of 16 great ones and the exciting playoff we want.

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