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F Minus was not at the top of my list. i wouldn't call it "original" or "daring", more often "stupid", but I would keep it and cut any of the folllowing (or all of them, for that matter):

Rex Morgan!
Judge Parker! (ever notice that EVERYTHING ends in an exclamation mark?)
Cathy (glad that one will end soon)
Family Circus
Get Fuzzy


Dude you are so right Tom!! The comics are barely worth reading without F Minus. Who comes up with the lineups for this section anyway? I highly doubt that there would be riots in the streets if we got rid of some of the truly lame comics in that section (i.e. Jump Start, Cathy, Hagar the Horrible, Family Circus etc.). The Observer is constantly getting rid of things that people want in favor of who knows what.


>> If all I knew about women was what I read in Cathy, I'd spend my life writing on message boards and calling radio talk shows because I would never get a date.

Sounds like Toms 5-star, platinum membership to HoochiMama.com is paying dividends. I say good for you Tom!


Cathy I can ALWAYS do without! That's gotta be the worst, most long-winded comment full of hot air, EVER!


Cathy is retiring - soon. F minus is average, but there are plenty that should go first.


Thank goodness Calvin & Hobbes trades are available at B&N.

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