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Give Armanti time and he will be electric. You have to remember he is playing a new position. Remember Josh Cribbs anybody? OB in college made the transition to WR in NFL, it took him a few months to adjust but when he caught fire on returns watch out! Same thing in Edwards. Wait till game time in preseason and punt returns when Edwards will make you say "you see that?" The kid is a winner and work hard at everything he does. I mean he graduated in 3 1/2 years! GO PANTHERS haven't ever looked forward to a preseason this much.


Just curious Sorensen but, have you been at camp this whole time? Because, you are the first to say that Edwards hasn't had a good camp. Is this based on your opinion, someone else's opinion? I doubt you'll respond like the chump you are.


Hey app fans,
I know there aren't too many app alumni in the NFL, but when one of your guys gets a little bit of criticism it is ok to just let it go. Besides, Sorensen was giving the guy credit where credit was due. What else do you want?


Great to hear about Lafell and Edwards. And Greg Hardy continues to impress. Boy this could be a real steal in the sixth round.


He could at least spell his name right. "Armanti"


I think the josh cribbs reference to "Armanti" is a good one. A guy with speed like that in one or two big plays can change a game. Also, what is the deal with Dexter Jackson? I hope he makes the team. I faced him in a track relay race in college in a meet @ App State. No one was even close to him. Lets he probably could have eaten a sandwich before the rest of the teams finished. Nice to see the SoCon producing some players!


To ctrain:

I'm not an ASU fan just a Panthers fan and I just don't like seeing so-so reporting. Or comments with no reference and emphatical statements about the players like, "he has not had a great camp." I would just like to see some "real" reporting where they back up their claims. From what I've read and heard Edwards has impressed in camp not had a bad camp e.g. yesterday Marty Hurney praised how good he has been doing, 610 am has praised how good he has been doing, Steve Reed has praised him, and so has Darin Gantt. So I simply wanted to hear why this moron made such a claim.

To JDW317
Great story thanks for the input. When I went Sunday he was running with the third string but, he made some plays and seemed to stand out. He does seem faster than a lot of guys out there, he was fun to watch.


To david.threatt: This isn't reporting, it's a blog. There is a big difference.

Folks.....Josh Cribbs is a fine return man, but he is far from being an established quality receiver. He is at best the Browns #3 receiver, behind two 2nd year player that struggled in their rookie seasons (Massaquoi and Robiskie). Cribbs contributions to the Browns have mostly been as a return specialist and a wildcat QB. Let's hope Armanti Edwards can contribute more to the Panthers as a receiver than Cribbs has for the Browns.


Armanti has apparently has some struggles with fielding punts, which was reported earlier in the week I believe. Coach Fox has commented that he believes that time & more experience will correct these issues. Dexter Jackson will likely not make the roster because of 2 factors: 1- We have too many "speed" receivers already and #2- He is not physical enough for the NFL. I like the fact though that Edwards and LaFell seem poised to fill the void left when we hopefully cut Dwayne Jarrett.


It sounds more and more to me like we will see the following receivers on the final roster: Smith, LaFell, Edwards, Moore, Wright

Any guesses as to who may end up with the 6th spot? Charly Martin, Dexter Jackson or Gettis?


Just go check out catscratchreader.com to get some decent reports. observer sucks for Panther coverage.


Jarrett will not be cut...he will have a break out year if given the opportunity. People forget that he hasn't had a QB to throw to him (remember Jake?, even Smitty's numbers have been down).
DJ closed the season last year with some good catches and stats when Matt was QB; plus, Jake had history with Smitty, Moose, and King which = no targets for DJ.
Moore likes to throw to DJ; he's a big target with big hands. LaFell was drafted to replace DJ if he can't cut it; this year we'll find out...but I think DJ will have a really good year if he is given the chance.


I applaud your optimism SCPOAB but I feel like to heard the same lines about Colbert 3 years ago. Jarrett could be a serious weapon for the Panthers if he was ever able to live up to his college career.


to david.threatt

relax guy, there were early reports that a.edwards was dropping a lot of punts. that's likely what sorenutssen is referring to.


I took my chill pill today, I'm better.

To tribeheel:

You're right, sorry I referred to Sorensen as a reporter or even expected to read something that was insightful on his column. Oops blog.

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