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The issue is that Fox doesn't 'gameplan' for preseason games. In fact, he apparently doesn't even glance at the schedule until they get on the plane, because the Panthers didn't even look at assignments for blocking against 3-4 defenses.

This causes the actual preseason games to be a colossal waste of everybody's time, since the offense can't begin to execute with defensive players running free in the backfield right off the snap.

Fox has worn out his welcome here. Time to go.


So you're saying the Giants didn't have to win last year? Even though they were in a must win situation for a wild card berth, riiiiiiiiight.


You can be confident DeAngelo/Stewart will carry the ball more than 6 times in regular season games.


Over the years I have found out John Fox couldn't care less about preseason games. Yes we're a meaningless 0-2 and now we're facing the dreaded last two exhibitions where NO starters play...or precious little. But guess what? On September 9th our record is 0-0. I still say this is a 9-7 team...maybe 10-6 if the cards fall right.


Jets had the number one defense last year and looked no different last night. The recievers were covered up tight the whole time. Fox said he wanted to practice the passing game more, but not sure that team is the best one to work out kinks in the passing attack against.

The Special Teams is once again anything but special, and will need to be a focus for the next coach we hire. Everyone likes to point out that Delhomme took us to a super bowl, but we had great special teams play that year as well. You can win (or lose) 4 games just with special teams scores or tunrnovers. We had bad field position all night long. In a tight game that is the real difference.


The Panthers hire the offensive coordinator who, of all teams, the Cleveland Browns fired, and people wonder why there is no offense - no points? Jeff Davidson couldn't scheme his way out of a restroom stall. But when all the owner cares about is personal profit - what do expect? The man fired his own sons, refused spending money on any quality free agents, let higher salaried veterans go, and raised ticket prices. And be prepared to "assume the position" as there is talk of building a new stadium. Perhaps it is time for yet another heart transplant!


I agree with Free that JR is about the money. As a PSL owner with 6 tix what do we get if they build a new stadium? The money has to come from somewhere. In NY they required season ticket holders who had their seats for 30 years to buy PSL's. Don't be surprised if the Panthers pull the same stunt.

Warren Buffett

Thanks again to the guy from Winston Salem who purchased my PSL's 3 years ago. Since then, I've never missed a game I wanted to see and have never paid face value for tickets. The best part is relaxing comfortably at home on Sundays - knowing I didn't pay $25 to park, $8 per beer, $15 for food, and $170 for a ticket to watch a non=playoff team. I sure hope current PSL owners get as much satisfaction from the little window sticker and magazine as fat cat Richardson does going to bank on Monday mornings.


Seat as far from the field as the above stadium lights.... $46

Optional PSL that allows me to buy that $46 seat for "Every Exciting Home Game" $3000

Telescope that is required to see anything that represents players on the field $150

Parking within a 30 minute walk of the Stadium $20 and up

Managing to get through a game with a fair amount of juice/water/soda/coffee.... $30

Avoiding the huge waste of time and money by staying home and watching the NFL Red Zone.... PRICELESS

Factual Reality

From BleacherReport.com --


Without a good offensive coordinator, even the most skilled units in football will see limited production.

The job of an offensive coordinator requires calling plays that will first and foremost put points on the board; but that also suit the play of the team, maximize potential, minimize turnovers, and consistently move the ball down the field.

Every coach in the NFL is skilled and has a vast knowledge of the game of football, but these 10 coaches just might find themselves in over their heads in 2010.

Jeff Davidson - selected as the third WORST offensive coordinator in the league.

Enough said


we look like crap! some say win or lose preseason doesnt matter, but when youve played 8 quarters and havent scored a TD yet id say thats cause for alarm. matt moore looks worse then jake, there is no #2 receiver whatsoever, the o line looks out of shape, and who knows if stewart will ever play football again, and at this point its gonna take a lot more then a pro bowl receiver with "little man syndrome" to turn this team around.

Brett Viking

Ok agree on the Panthers. They are ignorantly using the Moore logic winning the final ones when they took Jake out to against the 2nd and 3rd stringers of playoff bound teams who didnt want to hurt their starters against a scrub team like the Panthers who werent even playing the spoiler role either.

You are however deadwrong on the Saints winning the Super Bowl. The VIKS won the MORAL ethical Super Bowl and got screwed on the other one. That game was clearly rigged by the NFL using the sympathy factor of Katrina and refs calling the shots for the Aints even ignoring the scumbag LBs late hitting Favre.

McMahons WWE got nuttin on the NFL clowns but that was a one shot and no more freebies ever !!


"Even though they rallied to finish 8-8, it was a dismal 8-8. As the season wound down, they beat teams that didn’t have to win, or didn’t care to."

That has to be one of the dumbest statements I have read. Vikings were playing for home field and the Giants were playing to get a wild card spot. Where does this dumb analogy come in? Everyone felt energy even when we went 8-8. Remember all of those Jake haters? Now you want him back...sorry I'm backing Moore, I've seen what he can do and just because we lost 2 preseason games, everyone is saying doom and gloom? Bump those games, they don't mean anything. Let's take a look at the current talent we have with the backups so we know which ones to keep. Winning preseason games is secondary, let's evaluate the talent. The real season starts next month.

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