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Eldrick Woods

I'd like to see D. Jackson make the team and make an impact.
Other than that, I'd like a cold beer and a cigarette.


I'm so sick of this lousy heat and humidity I can't even think about football.


So is D. Jarrett a bust or not???


Dexter Jackson > Dwayne Jarrett


is that why jackson was on the practice squad last year?

Cobain Rulez

Heat is GREAT !!! Its summertime for all the dumbfucks.
The problem is wimpyazz Americans today are all spoiled rotten sitting on their fatazz in the central AC homes and businesses with food hanging out of their overworked mouths 24/7.

Sweat is good. You were given your own individual AC system with the millions of sweat glands to expel waste and fat from your fat bodies but it is never used and thats why America is the not only the most obese but the sickest nation on earth.

Look at these NFLer big fat tubs of lard. Take a body fat test and see what they score. Its sickening to see these overweight cows making millions whining about a little heat. Sweat baby sweat. Sweat off all that fat.

Why is America the fattest most unhealthy nation on earth? And they eat fatty food and bitch and whine about the fat content? What a joke.

Ever seen any fat Chinese or Africans? Heat is heat. Deal with it. Go on a diet. Go sweat it off in the gym you fatazz fuckz.


Jackson's only knock is that he is not physical enough at times. He obviously has speed (4.27 sec 40) but he lacks the willingness to take hits. If he can get this worked out then he can definitely be a weapon for the Panthers.

As for Jarrett, he seems to be continuing to prove that he is a bust. Lacking the ability to line up correctly and run good routes is a great way to get cut in the NFL.

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