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don t.

You are off there. Clemens never displayed arrogance or put himself above the fans or the game. He was involved in charity work and never had an attitude plus always #1 with the media.

Why dont you question why ANY pro athlete is ever forced to testify under oath in ft of the whole world in DC? Dont the politican crooks have better things to do? Is this a commie joint?

There is not a pitcher in baseball who dosent take some type of pain shots. The pain is unbearable. Remember Dave Draveky of San Fran?

Everybody is a busy body these days thanks to the over rated talk show trash on tv.


I knew Clemmons was full of it when he kept saying the contradictory testimony of Andy Pettite was because "Andy misremembered."

Maybe he can get a cell on the same block as Barry Bonds.

don t.

Bonds? He was hated by fans for his arrogance along with the media and was not a pitcher so he needed no pain shots. He was a typical loafing outfielder who lied gaining 100 lbs and muscle mass to smack the long ball.

Crybaby snitch Pettite had a lot of room to talk cutting a deal. He was taking pain shots like every single pitcher and admitted it. Lot of jealousy mostly among pitchers. Squealer Andy a green eyed punk.

This whole congressional testifying garbage took pro sports to the wrong level for the wrong reasons. Baseball can handle their own probs like any sport.

ole yeller

OMG Clemons lied to G-d ? How terrible. We know Congress crooks never ever lie about anything.

Oh yea the 69th Amendment Constitution that gives Congress the power to meddle in pro sports or anything else they feel like.

Next big one up in DC is the tee ball testimony where Congress puts a five year old under oath who allegedly secretly drank Gator-Aid and had a Snickers bar before batting to help him hit home runs. If Congress catches this lil felon lying he will be spanked and sent to reform school plus banned from T-ball for life.

You dont mess with DC.


So let me get this straight, even though he lied in a congressional hearing, it's ok and should not be held responsible for his actions? What a bunch of liberals. If baseball had the balls to handle their problems this would not have been necessary, but they looked the other way to the whole mess.


Apparently some idiots cant differeniate between the need for top pitchers getting pain shots (like Pettite) for their arm only and non-pitchers who get their whole body juiced for performance. Either way its a MLB problem.
Congress? Polls rank them up there with serial killers & rapists.

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