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Hunter T, Class of 2011

Can't wait! We're so close! GO NINERS!


I'll say it again....you da man, Tom!!!! Go Niners!!!!


When are tickets available? Let's go let's go! Let's destroy them. Go niners!!! Take care of business so we can move up to FBS.

joe mama

much better than the last post


How will recruiting work for a school that is just starting?

Can they bring in a group and redshirt all of them in 2012 to practice and have at least two classes when they start playing?


Thanks Tom

Freedom Huggins

I'm so ready for this! It's great to actually have an opponent on an actual schedule so early. The excitement is building...


We Want.....More Head!!!!!!!!!!!


Go Niners! Now lets get a coach!


We will bring in a freshman class in 2012 along with upper classmen transfers. They all redshirt in 2012 and practice on a normal practice schedule.

Longhorns Rule

Go UNCC 49ers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Odds are by no later than 2150-2250 the UNCC 49ers will certainly lock up a national champtionship of some sort, possibly. Its s definite maybe.


It may be the ass end of nowhere, but I can't wait.

Thanks for being behind us Tom!

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