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Couldn't have said it better myself. I actually think it is the latter more than the former.

It will be a big mistake losing FOX. I got an idea? Maybe we can hire George Seifort?

How easy we forget the BAD times.

Go Panthers


My Bad Seifert

Easy E

Interesting, while it many, including myself, feel that John Fox will be gone with a mediocre season. I imagine that regardless of the teams record, there will be a long line of suitors. Maybe the relationship with the panthers has gone stale or its time for new scenery. But the previous years have shown that the status quo it quit low and it might just take a new coach to bring a new approach


Watching the Gruden special on the Saints last night and thought how nice it must be to have a coach like that. He has a solid plan for everything, like practices, and PRESEASON BLITZ PICKUP!

Everytime I listen to another teams coach say something of substance I'm jealous of those fans.

Fox's play it safe strategies are not complex or hard to duplicate. I think true success with him as a coach relies on the players not the system since he seems incapable of tailoring a plan to fit the personnel he has from year to year.

When have you ever thought during a Panther game, "What a great call by the coaches!"
A win by his teams usually feels lucky.

I look forward to whatever is next after years of eating plain vanilla ice cream with no toppings.

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