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Hey Tom, why don't you go into the Observer office wearing a Yahoo!Sports t-shirt or cap and see how well it flys with your editors. How about you ask Fox a question at a press conference while wearing a Saints cap.

She showed poor judgement and deserved to get fired for it.

This isn't an old school mentality it's common sense if you want to stay employed.
It seems premeditated, like she was looking for a response and got more then expected.

I despise Petrino but agree with him on this.


Tom, a blog like this makes no sense coming from someone with the Chapel Hill Observer. Your employer continues to write about what Roy Williams had for breakfast or how bad the Tarheels beat the Bahama Bankers in an exhibtion while pretty much ignoring one of the biggest college sports stories ever to hit the town (Charlotte 49ers football). You been a great supporter of the program and we appreciate it. Anyone who works for the Observer should look in the mirror before criticizing something like this. I guess we can only expect so much when Mike Persinger is the sports editor.


It was insubordination. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. She deserved to get fired.


I thought Petrino was a gutless punk when he did what he did in Atlanta. The fact that he is so insecure that he can't take a little good natured ribbing from a radio reporter/personality only confirms my initial thoughts

James Reed

This is not a fireable offense. I hope she sues the crap out of KAKS.


Remember, we're talking about Ar-Kansas, the state that doesn't even know how to spell its own name. And we're talking about the school that screams, "Pig, suhey!" as a war cry and expects the rest of the world to take them seriously.

I'm surprised the state population is large enough to have a radio station...

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