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Doing good out! It's still close! Clap Clap Clap! Chew gum!

Go away Fox.

adam carter

Lol, I would like the inside coverage of Fox halftime speeches. This guy has been lacking the motivation speeches since the 2003 season.

Human Being

Clap on, chew off, the Foxer.


I've been telling my husband for years that whatever John Fox does at halftime inevitably has the opposite effect of motivating the team. "What does he do in there?" I asked. "They always come out incredibly flat, while the other team almost always seems to make somenecessary adjustments."


I think we can thank our owner more than anyone for this sh!t product we paid for. I think a fan boycott of a game, or at least concessions for a game is warranted. He gave us a big "FU", time to give him one!


Maybe...just maybe...and this may be reaching..but something tells me that our opponents are just BETTER FOOTBALL TEAMS......
C'mon Man!


Clapping after a bad play is some indication someone had to stand in the corner in the locker room. I get all the positive re-inforcement stuff but I'm sure Belicheck or Rex has lost a boot in someones @#%$ in halftime sometime or another.


What Fox tells them is that win or lose he is gone this season and he will get a plum job because there are enough idiots in the NFL front offices that think he is a good coach, just listen to how glowingly the pundits talk about him, I can't wait until he is gone!

Human Being

@ lynn- He says to them, c'mon guys..let's lose! "And let's be the losingest team, the world has ever seen. Let's Freakin' lose, baby!"


Actually, Tom, rumor is that Fox reads your blogs to the team.

adam carter

@ angrypantherfan

You couldn't say it any better.

@ Human Being


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